Capers quotes

(On this week's practices) "It will be very similar practices to what we had against Denver. We'll only have two -- morning and night practices on Thursday. We'll be in shoulder pads and shorts both practices, and they will be very similar."

(On how much the Texans starters will play in the remaining preseason games) "We'll I think the natural progression is that (our starters will play) a little bit more this week and get their most playing time in the third week. We break camp on Monday and we'll have a little bit more normal game-week type of operation next week, since we'll be in single day practices. I would say that they'll play the most in Dallas and then very little against Tampa. That's because we'll only have two days of practice before we go over and play Tampa."

(On the progress C.C. Brown has made this camp) "I like what I see in C. C. Brown. I thought he made a good showing Saturday night. He had a couple of plays that jump out at you. It would have been nice to see him make that interception in the endzone when we had pressure on (Denver QB Brandlee) Van Pelt. But I think he is very capable of making those plays. He's a bright guy, he's on top of him assignments, and we look forward to seeing him play every week to see how much progress he's made."

(On Jabar Gaffney's injury) "Gaffney has a slight infection that we're giving him medication for right now. It has nothing to do with his shoulder. Really, it doesn't do anything (to set him back). He can continue to work his shoulder, which he is doing. Whether it's a day or two before he's back out here – Jabar know his assignments. I think the next step for him is when we add the physical element to things. He's done as much, if not more, than what I expected of him at this point in time."

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