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(On how he felt the Texans rookies performed in their first preseason game) "Drew Hodgen played a lot. After we took Steve (McKinney) out, he was in there and played quite a bit. C. C. Brown, I thought, did a good job. We've liked C.C since he's been here. For his (first game), he had a few things that needed to be cleaned up, but I thought he looked fairly natural stepping in there. I think you could see all of our draft picks out there. I was pleased with Travis Johnson. He needs to work a lot on his technique and get his assignments down, but you could see Travis' power and see that he's got some suddenness coming off the block. That was encouraging. We basically saw from Travis what we were expecting to see. Vernand Morceny, you could see his cutting ability but we still have to work a lot on some of his reads, that type of thing. Those are some young guys that come to mind. This is a valuable experience for them; it's their first shot in a game situation. I think all those guys will improve this week."

(On how he felt Victor Riley did Saturday) "I thought he did well in the time he was in there. You saw on that first series that we ran the ball pretty efficiently down the field. A couple of those runs were over there to the left side, with him and Chester (Pitts). I think our first unit did a good job managing that first drive. It's just unfortunate that we had first and goal at the one and didn't get in. Again, I'll take responsibility for that for all the experimentation that we've been doing. We'll work on that this week and we'll be much better."

(On the reason he was experimenting with different personnel in the redzone) "The purpose of experimenting is to see if you can give yourself some flexibility on the gameday roster. We just felt that it would be smart to take a look at those things now, rather than wait until you get in the season. You rather find out some things now as you work your way through these preseason games. We (don't want) to experiment once we get in the regular season. I'll be a lot more upset today if we got the ball first and goal at the one-yard line against the Buffalo Bills and, after four shots, didn't get in."

(On the play of his first-team defense in Saturday's game) "(Antwan) Peek and (Jason) Babin outside, I thought those guys did a good job. I thought our down people – you saw Gary Walker made a couple of real nice plays. You saw Seth Payne, starting the game, make a real nice play. I thought Robaire (Smith) did well. We got a few new inside linebackers who stepped in and I think you saw a little bit of what they're going to give us. You saw Dunta Robinson make a nice pass breakup on third down. So I think there were a lot of positives there. As the game went on, I think you saw Shantee Orr not only show up on defense but he showed up on special teams. And that's what you're looking for. I tell these guys that you've got to be an opportunist."

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