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Capers quotes

(Opening statement) "We had five offensive players that we held out: WR Derick Armstrong, WR Latarence Dunbar, TE Matt Murphy, QB B.J. Symons and G Zach Wiegert. On defense, DE Jerry Deloach, LB Zeke Moreno, CB Jason Bell, CB Chris McKenzie and CB Jon Pendergrass did not practice. LB Shantee Orr pulled his groin today in practice; I anticipate that he will miss a little time here with that. We held WR Andre Johnson out about half-way through practice because his hamstring tightened up on him. He didn't pull it; we just took some reps off of him the second half of practice. Other than that, everybody worked that was supposed to work. We had C Drew Hodgdon back out working and RB Jonathan Wells and WR Jabar Gaffney were also back practicing today. All three of our quarterbacks did work today as well."

(On taking off WR Jabar Gaffney's red jersey) "I would say that he will probably be doubtful to play in the game, although we have not ruled him out yet. But next week we will have to get him in and get him going."

(On WR Andre Johnson's hamstring) "He did not pull his hamstring, it just tightened up.  These receivers do so much running that we want to be conscious of that and not put him in a situation where he would be susceptible to pulling it."

(On SS Glenn Earl playing this weekend) "Glenn is practicing, but we are just going to have to evaluate his practice.  Today we had shoulder pads on and we will have shoulder pads on tomorrow.  It will all just depend on his shoulder feels if we put him in this week."

(On having the right guard spot decided by the final preseason game) "Well I can tell you that we are planning on opening the season with Zach Wiegert as our starting right guard.  Milford (Brown) played a really good game Saturday night at tackle and with Zach being out of there, we have to make preparations and look at different possibilities of what we might do if this was the regular season.  We just felt that now is the time to put Milford back in there because he played so well at right tackle and put him at guard and see how he does in there.  And if Milford can play both tackle and guard for us, then that is a great value."

(On LB Charlie Anderson and him becoming more comfortable with the 3-4) "He is.  Charlie has made really good strides.  He came in last year as a college defensive end and you can see his athletic ability and he had really good pressure on the quarterback Saturday night.  He shows his athletic ability in pass coverage because he is a tall, lean, athletic guy.  He is smart also and he does not make a lot of mental errors."

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