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Capers quotes (9/3)

(opening statements) "After reviewing the tape of the game last night, we certainly found a lot out about our football team. We know a lot more now than when we started the preseason. We've done a lot of experimenting. It's been a major part of the plan to always have a certain number of repetitions we have targeted to get players, based on their experience. Then there are a certain number of things we want to experiment with from an Xs and Os standpoint. I feel we were able to accomplish that. With the number o people you are experimenting with, the schemes and amount of time you spend on some of your opponents, it's hard sometimes to get a feel when you look up at the scoreboard. But I've always it felt was more important to get yourself ready for what starts a week from this Sunday. We want to go out and attempt to win every time we're out on the field.

"As you noticed last night, Domanick Davis and David Carr played very few plays. We were able to accomplish having healthy team when we line up for Monday's practice in preparation for San Diego.

"We went through the preseason plus-three in the takeaway/giveaway category. That is significant and is an area that will be extremely important to our football team. As we went through the preseason, we cut our penalties back significantly. You might be able to say that with every team. Early in the preseason, the officials emphasize a lot of calls. We had 10 and 11 penalties the first two games and only had six the last two games. Our special teams, with all the experimenting we did there, ended up winning the drive-start battle in three out of four games. We had more big plays than our opponents. Last night we recovered an onside kick. It was a real nice play and we had some guys who gave a good effort. Kris (Brown) did a nice job on that play. It came at a time where it gave us a chance to get back into the football game. Hopefully we'll be able to utilize that when we're in a regular season game and we feel we need something to give us some momentum. It was nice to J.J. Moses answer the bell at the start of the second half and bring the kick out to the 47-yard line. We had two major special teams plays of the preseason; the blocked punt against Dallas and the onside kick. Our punt coverage units did a good job last night. We've only had one special teams penalty in the last two weeks.

"Offensively, I feel like we're going to be able to run the football. I think our line has improved in there with Domanick's vision and cutting ability. He's had very limited exposure in the preseason, but I like what I see there. I think Tony Hollings has grown. He played an awful lot and that was the plan going in. He's still young at the position and needs a lot of repetitions. He did a good job running the ball with our first unit last night. The biggest area we have to improve in is third down conversions. Not so much the third-and-manageable situations, but the third-and-long situations.

"On the defensive side of the ball, probably the most disappointing thing was our third-down defense. (Tampa Bay) was able to convert on third-and-10, third-and-11. We worked hard for two downs to get your opponent in those situations. You certainly don't want them to convert. I felt good about our goal-line stand. We got more work on goal line in the preseason than we did all last year. I think our first group has done a good job playing the run.

"I know our players are excited to start the regular season. We came in this morning and looked at the tape. They got a good workout in and have the next two days off. I told them to be ready to work when they get back and there has to be a sense of urgency in our preparation. We have San Diego coming into town and we have to be ready to kick this thing off on the right foot."

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