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Cardinals post-game quotes

Cardinals head coach Dennis Green

(Opening statement) "I think that they clearly out played us. In the first half, they had an answer for everything that we did on defense. We have to be able to bat the ball down or stop the run; we did not do either one defensively. Offensively, we had a turn-over on a punt return so we got the ball one less time and lost our rhythm. Kurt Warner hurt his knee on the first or second play; it is an MCL medial collateral ligament. Those sometimes can heal without the operation and sometimes they need an operation. Basically, he'll be out for the rest of the year. Josh (McCown) wound up getting sick today. When he got to the stadium he was very sick. They gave him some IVs. When we went into the locker room at half time, he just couldn't come back out. John (Navarre) went out, and I thought that he did some things well. We just never had the protection the rest of the game or the running game."

(On starting third string QB John Navarre) "It's the first time he's played. I mean even Josh (McCown) takes a two minute drill, so he's not even been under any kind of fire. He's run the service team a couple of times. John is a big strong guy. He had some nice throws and a nice drive."

(On the game day) "It was a little off. I think that you have to overcome. Somebody's going to win it, and you want to be the one that does it. It's called dealing with adversity and overcoming adversity."

(On the Houston Texans) "You've got to stop them. The last few weeks they had the chance to win against some people and they got away. We made a run on the day even though we were down. We were down seventeen points or something, and we made a run on them. We didn't convert. The touchdown run that they had two guys hit him. We just had a lot of miscues: dropped passes, fumble, we got the ball at mid field three times and didn't even get a first down . We just did not play well on offense or defense in the first half. We did play better on defense in the second half and the offense was still not there.

(On stopping the run) "It's huge. What happened was that they would run away from Adrian. When that happens, you know you've got to get up the field and turn it back. Adrian's coming off the corner, and you've got to build the wall, turn it back, and make the play. Between that and making audibles, audible throws, quick throws."

Cardinals QB John Navarre

(On playing for the first time in a year) "It's been awhile, it's been over a year, but I try to take a lot of reps in practice and do enough extra work off the field and after practice to try to prepare myself. It's tough but you have got to go in there. That's your job as quarterback. Whether it's second or third, you have to prepare to be the starter and play and go in there and do the job."

(On whether or not today's loss stunned him) "I don't think it's stunning. It's just that we expect to play better and we have expectations of coming out and performing on the field on Sunday and we fell short of those today. There is no shock, its just we know what we've got to do. We've got to address this situation on Monday on film and correct the things that we need to and keep moving forward and we didn't do that today."

(On his performance) "Well, I settled down a little bit, but still, I didn't make as many plays as I should have. I missed some open receivers. Technique-wise I wasn't as good as I should have been. There were plays I should have made out there that I have to make, that I'm expected to make and those are things I have to work on."

Cardinals QB Kurt Warner

(On his injury and feelings on the game) "We'll be alright, this isn't anything major, just disappointing. Obviously this is going to take the rest of the season, so that's the disappointing part of it. But I'm optimistic that it's nothing major, and three to four weeks from now, I'll be 100 percent healthy. Its disappointing to have your season end like this, if that's what this signifies."

(On his injury history) "Nope, I've never had any issues at all, never had any knee injuries at all. Again, I was just thankful that it is what it is, that it will not require any surgery, and that it will be a three to four week injury."

(On the effect his absence will have on the passing game) "I don't know. Hopefully Josh (McCown) gets healthy, or whichever one of those guys is going to continue to grow in the system, and hopefully pick up where I left off. It's always difficult when you haven't been in there in awhile, to step right in, to pick up where someone left off. But hopefully, whoever is in that situation, we're going to need those guys to step in."

(On losing to the Texans) "I think it's always disappointing to lose, and I think it's definitely disappointing to lose to a team that you feel, coming in, that you match up well against and that you can beat. I think that's always disappointing when you come in and you feel like you're in a position to get a win and possibly to finish up strong in the season."

Cardinals LB Orlando Huff

(On making comeback attempt) "We are never going to give up. That's just a simple theme this team has. We never give up. We just underestimated them. Also, they made some mistakes, fumbles here, interceptions there. We just didn't have enough time to make the come back."

Cardinals WR Anquan Boldin

(On John Navarre) "It was a real tough situation, but he made the most of it. He played pretty good under the circumstances. He kind of started off slow but I think the more snaps he got, the better he picked up on it."

(On the Texans defense) "They didn't do anything we didn't expect. Everything they threw at us, we saw on film and we just weren't prepared for it. It's also tough when you lose your first two quarterbacks and you have to go to your third string quarterback."

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