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(on being surprised with the move being made so soon) "Don't know about surprised. Being a player, you look at anything you can do to get better. All I'm concerned about is my guys playing well and myself playing well. If the coaches, general manager, owner, whoever felt like a change needed to be made in order play up to our capabilities and up to the level that we're supposed to then I guess I'm not surprised."

(on if he has lost any confidence) "No, not at all.  I haven't lost confidence in myself, I haven't lost confidence in any of the players around me.  I think we can all play at a very high level, I think I can play at a very high level.  We just have to go out and do it."

(on what he would like to see different with the offense from this point forward) "I just want to be more consistent.  Get back to where we feel good about going out on Sundays and we feel like we have a chance to go out and compete against the teams we feel we are just as good as that we can compete with and we can beat.  Just the last couple weeks, we haven't felt like we've been able to compete with the guys."

(on if he's spoken with Coach Pendry today) "I haven't talked to coach yet, but I talk to him every day other than today.  We have a good relationship.  I know he has some great ideas as far as offensive scheme goes.  I think he's going to do what's in the players' best interests.  I think that's the most important thing that he does for his offensive linemen, he tries to do what they do well.  I think that's what we need around here, someone like Coach Pendry who's going to do what we do well.  I'm kind of excited about that."

(on the move being made now as opposed to the offseason) "That's all nice if we could do that over the summer but we didn't have any doubts going into the season, we didn't think things were going to have to be changed.   We thought that we were going to roll in and keep improving like we had been, but obviously we didn't and the coaches, general manager, whoever felt we needed to make a change and hopefully it's for the better."

(on if this is pressing the panic button at all) "No, we're not panicked.  When we go out and execute and do what we're supposed to do we can be a good football team.  If we don't we're a bad football team, it's no secret.  Panic?  I don't think we're in panic mode, I think if anything this was a good time to do something like this.  We have a bye, we're going to have four extra practices with coach to get used to his feel.  I'm going to get an extra week before we have to play a game to get used to what his ideas are and what his thoughts are and hopefully move on."

(on the mindset of the offense) "I don't know that it's Chris's fault, I don't know whose fault it is.  There's just a mindset around our offense that we look around and we see the talent we have and we wonder why we're not executing.  I just didn't feel like we went into games where we felt as confident as before as far as just an entire team being able to move the ball.  I think each guy felt confident individually that he could do his job, but all of our jobs individually weren't adding up to what we needed to get done.  It just seemed like other teams were just playing better than us, were on top of our stuff and obviously the coaches felt like we needed to make a change."

(on whether or not he'd like to see more of Derick Armstrong) "Obviously.  It's hard.  There's only one ball and there's only so many plays to get him out there.  As much as we can, I think it'd be great.  I think he does a good job when he's in there what we ask him to do, I think he makes plays.  He catches the ball wherever you put it.  So yeah, definitely, I think Derick would like to see himself out there more."

(on if Armstrong is good enough to be one of the top two receivers)  "Yeah, definitely.  We don't ask him to do a lot.  We ask him to go in on four-receiver sets and make big plays and that's really what we've asked him to do in the past.  Hopefully, now we can expand a little bit, see what Derick's capable of, if he can handle it.  I think he can handle more, I know he can.  I'm excited for him to get a little more work.  From the last game he showed what he's shown since he got here and that he can make plays, so let's go out and do it."

(on feeling pressure) "Expectations are going to be high no matter what.  Whether you win or lose, it's always the quarterback and head coach who feel it the most.  I don't know that this move makes much of a difference other than the fact that Coach Pendry is going to come in and do his thing he thinks can move this team forward.  I think that he can move this team forward.  So as far as the pressure goes, it's going to be high no matter what; it's going to be high if we didn't have an offensive coordinator.  The whole goal here is to win football games and they obviously thought this was a move that will benefit our team and I think that it is."

(on what he'll tell his teammates)  "Just go out and (tell them) whatever moves we made are for the good.  It's only natural for guys to question a lot of things at this point when we're 0-2 and we're struggling to get anything done on offense.  As a quarterback I just have to go out and be myself, just be my normal confident self no matter what's going on, no matter if we scored seven points, zero points or whatever.  We've only scored two touchdowns in the last two games but you can't lose any faith in what you can do what your guys can do.  That's my job is to keep the guys I dress with upbeat and going."

(on assessing his own play thus far) "Obviously everyone can play better.  Obviously I can play better.  But really the last two games don't really mean much to me anymore because we have a bye week and we have the Cincinnati Bengals.  If I had just sat around and worried about what happened in the past, and what happened with the last coordinator and what was going on…I have a lot of other things to worry about right now, I have to worry about getting to know Coach Joe (Pendry) and what he's got to offer and hopefully move forward."

(on feeling under duress every time he goes back to throw) "That's the case when you play good defenses, when you play Pittsburgh and you play Buffalo.  They're going to put a lot of pressure on the quarterback.  When you have time to get guys open you have to hit them.   I think our guys did a better job the second game than the first as far as overall offense but we just didn't get enough done.  We didn't take advantage of the opportunities that we had."

(on troubles with the offense) "I don't know what it was.  It might have been a little of both.  When you have tough times like that, you can point fingers both ways.  Obviously we didn't execute the plan that Chris (Palmer) was giving us well enough or we wouldn't have this situation right now."

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