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Coach Capers' press conference

(on not preserving the lead in the fourth quarter) "When I look back, it was very similar to our game with Carolina where we were the most efficient and executed the best in crunch-time when we needed to. We went out and started the second half, we were seven-for-seven on third down conversions, had touchdown, touchdown and ran out the clock and basically that's what the Bengals did against us. They converted their situation to the fourth quarter and we did nothing. We ended up with four plays in the fourth quarter for minus-nine yards.

"They ended up running 27 plays for 97 yards, had eight first downs, a 65-yard drive for a touchdown and then 56-yard drive for a field goal and then ran out the clock."

(on what Cincinnati did to successfully come back) "You can see it was a situation where we had two series and didn't get it done. Much of their drives came down to them making crucial plays on third down. I thought we really played the run as well as we had the whole game. I thought our run defense actually got a little bit stronger. We got them into a third and seven situation and we had blitz on them. We had a guy come free off of our right side, the quarterback flushed to their right side and the ball went right between Aaron Glenn and Jamie Sharper so those plays were all well-executed on their part and you give them credit for that."

(on evaluating the game tape) "We took a good look at the fourth quarter today, it was kind of the opposite of the week before. We made the plays to win the week before against a good football team and they made the plays yesterday to come back from a 27-24 deficit starting the fourth quarter. There wasn't anything wrong with the effort, it was the execution."

(on the play of the special teams unit) "I thought we were real close to having an outstanding game on special teams. I think what kept us from doing that was the penalties. We had two kickoff returns past the 50 yard line. The three penalties were costly. They cost us 81 yards. We did not make our net punt average because we did have one miss-hit punt. Other than that, I thought our own worst enemy because we had a chance to have an outstanding day in the kick game, were the penalties."

(on the Texans' offense) "Offensively, we scored the most points we've ever scored since we've been here. We scored on five of ten possessions. We did make more big plays, more in the run game. We had a 16 and a 19 and of course Domanick's (Davis) 51-yard run and of course Corey's (Bradford) 73-yard pass which was an awfully big play.

"Through the whole game, we didn't turn the ball over until we were in a two-minute situation at the end.

(on the Texans' third-down conversions) "The biggest problem we had yesterday on offense was converting third downs. We were only three of 11. That had a lot to do with our inability to hold on to the football in the fourth quarter where they made their third downs and were very efficient."

(on the play of the defense) "Our defense, I thought the interception at the end of the first half was a big play. I thought our defense kept battling. I thought our run defense was really the best at the end of the game. It gave us a little time to adjust and figure things out. Then you get to much yardage after the initial hit. That's something we have to go to work on and improve this week."

(on injuries from the game) "We came out of the game and have a pretty good list of injuries. On Wednesday, I think we'll have seven players who will not practice. Milford Brown has swelling in his knee, Charlie Clemons will not practice continuing with his foot sprain. Jabari Holloway will not practice on Wednesday. He was better this morning and is coming back today after spending the night up there (Cincinnati) in the hospital. Antwan Peek will not practice with a foot sprain. Corey Sears will not practice with an ankle sprain. Corey ended up playing about 12 plays of the game where the ankle was a problem for him. Gary Walker will not practice and Todd Washington has a shoulder sprain.

"Then we have about six players that will practice on a limited basis. Domanick Davis still has a chest contusion. Jerry Deloach has a shoulder stinger and Junior Ioane, Stacey Mack, Chester Pitts, Jamie Sharper."

(on the role injuries have played on the Texans defense 2003 performance) "It's a big part. We have guys that are out there battling. Some guys haven't been in positions very long. When you're playing this type of game, again, two and three-yard runs can sometimes turn into five and six-yard runs. We just have to be a little sharper and sounder in our gap control up front, get off of blocks a little quicker. We have to get more knock-back hits rather than letting them fall forward for two or three yards. In this league, if you're off just a little bit, it shows up. To their credit, they didn't give in."

(on the tackling) "It was not what you want. We have to improve in that area. On a run that is three yards or less for us is considered a win, if it's four yards or more it's a loss, and there were probably a large number of those runs that could've been wins with better and stronger tackling. Rather than two and three-yard runs, we had four and five-yard runs and that makes for a long day.

(on pressuring Bengals QB Jon Kitna) "When we got pressure, we were normally coming with some type of blitz whether it be a zone blitz or a man pressure or five-man rush. We are not where we want to be in terms of a four-man rush team."

(on Carr's ankle during the game) "It's hard for me to give a percentage in terms of David's ankle. I think he was out there battling, but I don't think it was much of a factor. I think the time he came out there and ran, I'm not so sure that if he was 100 percent he might not have scored. The good news is I think David came out of the game and was no worse and will get that much better for next week."

         Chad Stanley making a name for himself in Houston)** "You see
         that happen a lot.  You see guys that have the ability and it's
         just a matter of finding the right situation, the right opportunity.
         Sometimes it helps if guys have been with another club or two
         because they realize that you do everything with a sense of urgency
         and you have to stay tuned in and focused and Chad's done all of
         that.  He's been a real pro since he's been here. We've leaned
         on him and he's produced.  He's been a big factor in terms of
         giving us good field position."
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