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Coach Capers' press conference

(on Sunday's win) "Looking back over the tape today of our game yesterday, it was a tremendous win for our football team. We talk all the time about (having) to go out and play with the attitude that we might have to win the game on the last play of the game. That was certainly true yesterday. It took all the way down to the last play of the game."

(on the game-winning drive) "I thought our team really showed some fortitude (on) defense when (the Jaguars) had the ball and going out and forcing the fumble on the 41-yard line. Our offense comes out and it takes us 10 plays to (score) and we started out with 2:42 to go on the clock. We scored with virtually no time left on the clock. That was really a first for us. That's the first time that we've done anything like that since we've been here."

(on the affect that the win has on the team) "To be down and come back and take it right down to the wire was outstanding. I think those are the kinds of things that you can really build on. I think that you build confidence in a football team when you know you can go out and do that. It says a lot about the players on our team."

(on bye week helping injured Texans) "Our bye week couldn't come at a better time. We have a few players that are a little banged up. We have to get them healthy."

(on how younger players can improve during the bye week) "What (the bye week) will do is it enables us to improve as a football team. It enables us to spend a lot of time over these next three practices with a number of our young players that are going to factor strongly into our progress that we make here over the next few weeks."

(on the Texans' special teams on Sunday) "As I go back and I look at the game yesterday, I thought our special teams really provided us with very good field position throughout the day. We had 13 drives and our average drive start was the 41-yard line. They had 13 drives; their average drive start was the 26-yard line. There is a 15-yard differential and that's significant in any football game and it was certainly significant yesterday."

(on the lack of penalties on special teams) "We had outstanding field position for most of the day. Not having a penalty on special teams was significant. That's the first time that we've done that this year. We talk all the time about that hidden yardage on special teams; when you have a penalty on special teams it costs you big yardage most of the time."

(on the Texans return game) "We had our best day with our return game. You saw J.J. Moses get going. We had some good blocking in both the punt return and the kickoff return. That's something we've been working on and yesterday was our best day in that area."

(on the offense) "Offensively I thought we got off to an excellent start. You figure the first two plays of the game we went 11 plays for 69 yards and then eight plays for 53 yards, both of them for touchdowns. So, we came out and we set an outstanding tone and we thought that was going to be important in this game. And then we closed out with the pressure of being able to take the ball down and put together a game-winning drive of 10 plays and 41 yards. We had our best day in a number of areas."
(on how the offense can improve) "The things we have to work on, we have to go to work and we can't turn the ball over four times. Our last three possessions in the first half we're moving the football and we turn the ball over. You don't give yourselves a chance when that's the case."

(on the defense) "On defense, the best thing we did is we had five takeaways, three interceptions and two fumbles. We did a very good job on third and fourth downs. We said going into the game the key to the game defensively was to control Fred Taylor and Fred Taylor had 67 yards on 19 carries, and that's significant of a back with his explosive ability."

(on how the defense can improve) "The things we need to work on on defense is we gave up four big plays for 160 yards. We just have to go back to work. It's just hard to win a football game if you let a team hit an 84-yard play. And then we also have to go back to work, they were very good at protection, and we knew they were a very protection-conscious team, but we were not able to sack the quarterback."

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