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Houston Texans

Coach Capers' press conference

(on the feeling after losing the game in the final minutes) "Yesterday's game was a tough, hard-fought loss to a talented team. It's a team that's now won 11 games. It's always disappointing to lose a game but to fight back the way we did and take the lead with 1:46 to go and then have it come down to a 4th and 10 and have them make the play on 4th and 10, it's extremely disappointing."

(on the team's character) "I thought yesterday's game was a good indication of the heart and competitiveness of our football team. I think we've seen it time and time again. To me, it's the thing that we hang our hat on. I think the last four times that we've played here in the stadium we've come in down at halftime and I think we've gone out all four games and outscored our opponent in the second half."

(on the team being competitive) "I think we've proven that we can play close with the top teams in the league. You go back to the New England game; they took the ball down and we had them in a 4th and 1 situation and they scored to tie the game up and of course eventually won in overtime. Yesterday, we took the league and then they go down and score on a 4th and 10 situation. We've had our share of those things. To me, it points out that we're capable of playing with these teams and the next step is that we have to find ways to make the plays that they're making right now to beat them. That's why they're going to the playoffs and we aren't. That's just where we are right now.

(on the play of special teams) "As I looked at the tape today, there were some good things in the tape and there were some things to build on. I thought that Chad Stanley did an outstanding job of punting the football and our coverage units were good. We netted 41.7 which is outstanding against them. One of our concerns going into the game was that you could tell it was getting close to playoff time, Tennessee put their best returner back there, Derrick Mason, a Pro Bowl receiver and he was a Pro Bowl returner back in 2000 and I've seen enough of him over the years. I thought our people did a good job because he's hard to get on the ground."

(on field position) "We ended up with a better drive start after kickoffs. Our kickoff coverage team did a good job. They started on the 25, we started on the 28 and really I didn't think we allowed them any significant field position plays from a special teams standpoint. We continue to need to improve our punt return game and we had a couple of penalties that set us back."

(on offensive improvement) "Offensively, I thought the best thing that we did yesterday was that when we got the ball in the two-minute situation there at the end of the game and had to go 80 yards on four plays and we made some big-time plays.

"David's throw to Derick Armstrong got things started and then he hit Andre and Andre made a great catch and a good run after the catch. Then you saw Domanick Davis bounce back after the fumble and make two really nice runs. It tells you a little something about Domanick and what a competitor he is because he felt awful about the fumbled football but he went out and did something about it so that was encouraging."

(on containing the Titans pass rush) "I thought the fact that we were only sacked one time in 40 attempts, they got some pressure on us but I thought David did a good job of avoiding that pressure. This is a team that had 35 sacks coming in and he don't have to look hard at their front to see that they have excellent pass rushers up there."

(on the difference that big plays make in the game) "We got back to making some big plays. We had the two long runs and two long passes. I thought that David Carr did a nice job of running with the football and making good decisions in terms of knowing when to get down and when to run out of bounds. It puts a lot of pressure on the defense when your quarterback can move around. That's something that we kind of had gotten away from with David out of there from the time that David sprained his ankle. It's a big part of our offense in terms of David being able to move with the option to run or pass and I think it opens up some of our run game."

(on the turnovers) "The negatives were the fumble for the touchdown, that's something that you never want to have happen. We turned the ball over three times overall and we only had one takeaway from them so we were minus two and it's hard to win when you're minus two."

(on the offense in the first half) "I thought we got off to a slow start the first eight series. We ended up with five punts. We had a field goal and then we started the second half with an interception and a fumble. We did keep our poise and we rallied and came back and from that point I thought we did a good job offensively. When you're playing at home and you've got the home crowd here you'd like to start faster.

"We did have four penalties and our third down conversion wasn't what we wanted it to be."

(on the Texans' defensive play) "On defense, I thought the touchdown really got things swayed, got the crowd back into the game and at that point I think we really needed something. I thought we did start fast on defense. The first five series there were four punts on defense and then they went for it on third and fourth down and we stopped them so I thought we set a good tone coming out.

"I thought we did a good job in the red zone. No matter what teams to as far as moving the ball up the field, if you can tighten up when they get down in the red zone and keep them out of the end zone you give yourself a chance."

(on the defense giving up the final touchdown) "We had too many big plays given up. Really the poor series was the two-minute series at the end of the game. They made some plays and I thought that was indicative of Steve McNair and his savvy and his veteran experience. He made a couple of throws that are as good as you'll see. Then on the touchdown pass at the end, it's 4th and 10 and we're anticipating that they're probably going to get the ball to their playmaker, Mason, and they were. They looked to Mason and we had him doubled, but he (McNair) had enough presence to cut back and throw the ball backside to the single coverage and they made the play and we didn't and that's what the game came down to."

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