Coach Capers' press conference

(on the Texans' opening kickoff and first offensive possession) "On special teams, we did return the opening kickoff 33 yards and took the ball over offensively out at midfield on the 47-yard line. We made a first down or two and had a penalty that set us back and (we) fumbled the ball down on the 35. I think that did influence us a little bit because we probably would've taken a shot at a field goal there."

(on the Texans' lack of offensive momentum and running attack) "The biggest problem we had offensively is that we couldn't get anything going. When you go in and you have a rookie quarterback making his first start, you'd like to be able to establish the run game to try to keep the down-and-distance situations manageable. We had an awful hard time running the football. Part of that is due to Jacksonville's defense. They're number one in the National Football League in terms of yards per rush against them."

(on the Texans' offense being put in difficult situations) "We had far too many predictable situations through the course of the game, which was dictated to us by our inability to run the football. I think of our 12 third down situations, 10 of them were third-and-seven or more. That's a tough situation to put a young quarterback in. They were able to get up the field. The game became a one-dimensional game when they had to play the pass in those situations. They got pressure on us."

(on the Jaguars' scoring drives) "Defensively, there were three series that they went down and scored. They hit the 32-yard touchdown on us over Aaron (Glenn) to Jimmy Smith."

(on the Jaguars' ability to score before halftime) "In the two-minute situation, we had them at third down twice and they converted their third downs. We had a couple of penalties during that drive that helped them move the ball down. Scoring right before the end of the first half gave them really good momentum going into the locker room at halftime."

(on the beginning of the second half) "I thought we came back and really battled defensively. They had the punt return down to the 15. Our guys went on the field and they ran four plays for minus eight yards and missed a field goal. We responded to the challenge until they had the 62-yard run on us. Once they broke that, they went on down and scored there."

(on how to bounce back from the defeat) "When you have a game like yesterday, you have to come in and take a look at it; you've got to accept responsibility for it and every man has to ask himself what he has to do to make sure that doesn't happen again."

(on how this game is different than the past few games) "One of the things that our team has been able to do prior to this is every football game we've been able to hang in there and battle and keep it close and win our share. The ones that we didn't (win), have been close the second half of the season. Yesterday, it kind of all caught up with us."

(on blowout losses) "These kinds of games happen. You never want them to happen, but they do. Now the key is how we're going to respond to it in our preparation and going over to Tampa Bay."

(on facing divisional foes Tennessee and Indianapolis in the last two games of the year) "We'll get their best effort. A year ago, we finished out with Tennessee in here and with five minutes to go in the game it was 6-0 and that was a team that was playing in the AFC Championship. To me, that's an added motivation. It's a challenge for our team. We know both those teams are in our division. They kind of set the bar in our division. They have the first two years of our existence. They're teams that we have to constantly shoot for. That's what we have to do. We have to be able to find a way to compete and win those games against those teams."

(on LB Charlie Clemons) "As far as our injury situation, we placed Charlie Clemons on injured reserve today. He has a strained ligament, which will either have to be put in a cast or be operated on. I'm not sure yet, but he'll be done for the year."

(on CB Aaron Glenn) "Aaron Glenn will be out this week. I'm not sure what his status beyond that will be. Aaron has been giving us a courageous effort. He has been managing that groin for a while now in terms of doing what he has to do to be able to get ready to play. It finally caught up with us yesterday."

(on OL Zach Wiegert) "Zach Wiegert will be held out of some practice or practice on a limited basis with an elbow hyperextension."

(on CB Jason Simmons) "Jason Simmons will practice on a limited basis with some knee inflammation."

(on RB Domanick Davis and LB Antwan Peek) "I do think, from a positive standpoint, we should get Domanick Davis back practicing on Wednesday, and we should have Antwan Peek back practicing on Wednesday. Those are two positives."

(on QB David Carr) "As far as David Carr's situation--David spent the night in the hospital and has been at home today recovering. He will be in tomorrow. We'll take him out and see what he is capable of doing tomorrow. He came down with the flu. It started Saturday night and progressed to the point where he was not able to really go on the field yesterday. We anticipated him being able to come out on the field even though he was sick. He was not able to do that. Therefore, we were not able to follow through in terms of trying to work him out and see where he would be. We'll go through that process some time tomorrow."

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