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Coach Capers' press conference

(on what he learned from watching the game tape) "After looking at the tape, it was very obvious that we just got beat by a good football team that out-executed us. Anytime you make errors in the National Football League, they can come back to haunt you. But I think it's always accentuated if you are playing against a good team. The Kansas City Chiefs are a good football team."

(on the key to bouncing back from the loss) "It's always easy to go back and point out the problems. The key is we have to address those and make sure we find some solutions. We have a Jacksonville team coming in here that's going to be a hungry team."

(on what good came out of Sunday's loss) "As we looked at the tape today, we pointed out all the things that we can't do and there were some things that we did. We made some progress in some areas. I know it's hard to believe when you have a game like yesterday."

(on responding to Sunday's loss) "Yesterday was a typical NFL game. As you look at the season, you've seen it every week. The New England Patriots started out and (were) shut out and closed out of the first game. They've come back and won the last two. That's just the nature of the game in the NFL. It can happen on any given week. I don't know that what you do one week is really indicative of what happens the next week. It is always how you respond to it."

(on the special teams play on Sunday) "As I look at our team, I thought the special teams - there was a great example of the way the game went. We had six punts. Five of those punts were outstanding. We had 47, 43, 40, 40, 47-yard punts (where) that was the net because we forced five fair catches. Then the one (punt) that we mis-hit a little bit they (took) back 73 yards (for a touchdown). We had our opportunities on that. It was a well-executed play on their part. We missed some tackles and missed some chances. Other than that, I thought our special teams played hard and it was a good battle."

(on the Texans' quarterback protection on Sunday) "Offensively, two or three things that I thought that we made improvements on is number one; I thought our protection was much better than what it was the week before over at New Orleans. We had that one sack in 39 attempts."

(on the Texans' solid first-down execution) "(It was the) first time this season we were over 50 percent efficient on first down. I think we were 15-of-29, 52 percent; that's the best that we've been this year. Overall, all the plays that we ran, we were 48 percent efficient. We've been in the thirties the first two games. That was progress."

(on the affect that the turnovers had on the Texans) "We turned the ball over four times and it just so happened that they all came in the second half. You can't win in this league if you turn the ball over four times. It's just that simple. You only have so many series and you can't lose a series on a turnover. Two of those turnovers ended up into 14 points."

(on the Texans' big plays) "We only had two big plays. We had a 15-yard run by Hollings and then of course we had Andre's long touchdown pass. We need to come up with more big plays. I do believe that we've got more capability of making big plays this year than what we had a year ago."

(on the penalties that the Texans committed) "We still had too many penalties on offense. That's something that we've got to continue to work to cut back on."

(on how the Texans played defensively) "Defensively, we knew we were going to be in a strong battle against if not the best, one of the top two or three offensive teams (in the NFL). I thought that even though they moved the ball on us in the first half, our defense hung in there. Marcus (Coleman) made the interception to keep them out one time. It's too bad we had the roughing penalty there right at the end of the half because I think we would've forced a field goal and we probably would've gone in the locker room 10-to-seven at half."

(on the Texans' defensive execution) "When you're playing a team like the Chiefs, your errors become accentuated. Their two touchdown runs we certainly had enough players in position. We just didn't execute. They out-executed us in those situations."

(on how the Texans tackled on Sunday) "Our tackling was off a little bit. And all it needs to be is off a little bit when you're playing against a back like Priest Holmes (and) guys of their talent."

(on the Chiefs' big plays on Sunday) "The biggest thing that we did was we gave up too many big plays on defense. You take their big plays and compare them to our big plays - they had more big plays then we did."

(on what the team needs to do to rebound from the loss) "You wish from a coaching standpoint there was a magic potion or a magic formula that you could go back to. But the key is when you have a game like this is everybody has to take a look at it and you've got to learn from it."

(on how the Texans can respond this upcoming week) "There is only one thing you can do - you've got to find a way to fight back. So you respond one or two ways. You roll up your sleeves, you go back to work (and) you get the things right that you didn't have right yesterday - or you compromise and you make excuses. I don't think we have anybody on this team that will do that. They know that the results of that are not what we want."

(on this Sunday's contest against the Jacksonville Jaguars) "We've got a good Jacksonville team coming in here. I know they're oh-and-three and I know this; they've been battling in all their football games. They've had a couple tough losses. It's our first division game and we certainly have to be ready to go out and play our best."

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