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Houston Texans

Coach Capers' press conference

(on the Texans' first two games of the season) "We are two games into the season. We played two teams in their home-openers and one game was exactly the way we want to play in the first game against Miami. After watching the game yesterday, it's a great example of how we cannot play."

(on first half of the game at New Orleans) "I thought that we started slow. We got down 7-0. But I thought our team really hung in there and battled back in the first half, and it enabled us to go in the locker room with a three-point lead at halftime. At that point in time, if you look at the first-half stats they were really pretty lopsided. We had run 13 more plays than what the Saints had run. We doubled their yardage. We had nine first downs; they only had three first downs. Our defense only had one series that was not a three-and-out series. I felt as though we went in and really picked things up after somewhat of a slow start."

(on second half of the game) "The problem was that (the Saints) came out and took the second half kickoff and went down (and) they hit a big play on us and got up 14-10. We really did not recover from that point on."

(on containing Saints' Michael Lewis on punt coverage) "As you go through and look at our team, I thought our special teams overall did a pretty good job. We felt going in that Michael Lewis is one of the best return men in the league. We challenged our guys all week that we had to keep (Lewis) from making a big play. I thought we did that. On his four punt returns, he averaged only 3.8 per punt return. I thought our guys played hard."

(on Texans' fake punt) "We opened the game with our first punt. We ran the fake punt. We got the look that we wanted and so we audibilized to (the fake) and picked up the first down. Unfortunately, we weren't able to capitalize on good field position with our offense."

(on second-half special teams' performance) "I thought late in the game we were hanging in there and trying to fight back and make something happen. Our kickoff return down to the 29-yard line—that was a really good effort. It showed our guys were hanging in there and continued to fight. Unfortunately, Michael Lewis was the guy that caught J.J. (Moses) from behind on that. The biggest problem we had on special teams is we had too many penalties. It really affected the field position. There was one situation where we returned the ball back out to their 44-yard line and we had an illegal block and instead we were starting on the 20-yard line. There is a tremendous difference. If we are on the 44 (and) we make one first down, we are lining up to kick a field goal. On the 20, you have to move the ball quite a way to kick a field goal."

(on Texans' offensive performance in New Orleans) "Offensively, I thought our guys did a good job of fighting back from a slow start. I think that it took us a while to adjust early in the game to the speed of the game on the turf over there. (The Saints) were penetrating and stunting some against us. When it was all said and done at the end of the first half we had run 35 plays for 161 yards. So we did come back and we made some plays."

(on problems the offense had) "The problems we had on offense, number one: we didn't run the ball well enough. You couple that with too many penalties and what you have is a bad formula. It puts you in a lot of third-and-long situations. I think we had eight times (where) we had third-and-10 or more. That's just not our game right now. When you have that, it's going to lead to the interceptions, the sacks, the minus plays. We've seen that scenario before and we just aren't prepared to handle that. We have to get back to trying to control the down-and-distance situations better than what we did to give ourselves a chance to move the football. I think we are very capable of doing that."

(on how the Texans played defensively) "Defensively, we got off to a real good start. They did have the one long run for the touchdown. Other than that, as I mentioned, they had 22 plays and made 73 yards in the first half. We'll take that every time. The problem in the second half is they hit some big plays on us. We weren't able to come up with the ball. We did not get any takeaways. Anytime you give up four big plays and you don't make any takeaways, that's not a good combination."

(on how the Texans defense played in certain situations) "We can do a better job than we did on third down. They converted three of four really critical third downs against us. I know we can do a better job there. We did have a win in the two-minute (situation) and the four-minute (situation). When they were coming out, we stopped them. They scored on us down in the red-zone situation. We can do better than that."

(on overall thoughts of the Texans' performance yesterday) "We can't afford to come up on the minus side of the takeaway-giveaway (battle), the minus side of the penalties. Those things just kind of steamroll on you and that's really what happened yesterday. It was a tale of two different halves. You feel pretty good at halftime. You're sitting there with a three-point lead. You feel like you have done a lot of the things that you set out to do. You're on the road. You're playing a home-opener. You're in a stadium that's loud. The fans were involved in the game and I thought our guys handled that well. I don't think we handled it as well in the second half. It's a matter of keeping your poise and being persistent and just going out and taking things one play at a time. There is a lot to learn from this game.

(on the upcoming week and game against Kansas City) "Fortunately, we get to come back home and have our home-opener this week. We've got an outstanding Kansas City team coming in. We've got to really go to work and do a good job and understand what kind of team we are going to be playing this week."

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