Coach Capers' press conference

(on Sunday's game) "After viewing the tape of the game, the game really went a lot like what we had anticipated--what we prepared for during the week. We knew going in that the Jets were the type of team that didn't beat themselves. They hadn't turned the ball over very much. They weren't sacked very much. They had a very strong kicking game. Their defense was hard to make big plays on."

(on how the team prepared for a close game) "All week long we talked to our team about we might have to make a play on the last play of the game to win the game. It could be one of those types of games because of the style that they play. The game really played out that way."

(on how frustrating it is to lose after starting the game well) "It's always frustrating when you go through a game like that because again we came out, we got off to a fast start two out of our first three possessions offensively. We took the ball down, scored touchdowns. Our defense did an outstanding job the first four possessions. The first three possessions were three-and-out, three-and-out, three-and-out. So we got off to an excellent start. Unfortunately, we weren't able to sustain it after that."

(on the Texans' special teams performance on Sunday) "Our special teams--we knew we would have a big challenge. To me, the most significant thing there was--when you step in that huddle after they had scored to go up--our kickoff return team was going out on the field. I knew we were going to get all that they had. Those guys were going to go out there and give us everything that they had. J.J. (Moses) went out and we got a 63-yard return down to the 27-yard line. It gave us a real legitimate opportunity to go in and win the football game."

(on how the Jets played on special teams) "They made a couple plays. Michael Bates had a kickoff return to the 49. Santana Moss had a punt return down to the 39. They didn't get any points out of the kickoff return, but they did kick a field goal after the punt return down into our territory."

(on the Texans' offensive performance) "Offensively, we got off to an excellent start. In the first half, we had 208 yards. The things we talked about doing going into the game we were able to do. We felt we were going to have to be able to run the ball because the teams that had beaten the Jets had been able to run the ball on them. We really had our best rushing day: 36 runs for 169 yards, an average of 4.7 per attempt."

(on protecting the ball and the Texans' time of possession) "We didn't turn the ball over. That's only the second time that we've done that this year--come out of a game with no turnovers. Time of possession--we were over 34 minutes."

(on the Texans' big plays and the team's offensive penalties) "We made four big plays: two in the run game, two in the pass game. Unfortunately, after scoring two out of the first three series, we were unable to come up with any points. We had our opportunities. Part of the contributing factor to that was we had five penalties. We had four false starts and a holding penalty. They came at inopportune times which set us back. One time we were down in field goal range. We had a false start and we gained it back. Then we got a sack and it knocked us out of field-goal range and it would have been really big at that point in time."

(on the Texans' third-down efficiency) "The other area we have to make strides in is third down. As I look at our team on offense, we're doing a much better job, we're much improved in terms of running the football. We are over 50 percent there. In terms of our efficiency, our first and second-down pass has been very good in the last three weeks. Our third down is an area that we have to improve in. That's what enables you to stay on the field and maintain drives. So we have to get better in that area."

(on stopping the Jets' big plays) "Our defense, coming off our performance the week before we placed a lot of emphasis on stopping the big play for obvious reasons. We had our best day there. They only had one run and one pass for what we consider is a big play. The run of 20 yards and the pass of 25 yards. Unfortunately, they both came in the two-minute drive where they went down and got the score."

(on holding the Jets on their third downs) "We did a good job on third down. We really came out and started the game off hot with three three-and-outs to begin the football game."

(on giving up points in two-minute situations) "The biggest negative defensively is something where we have been good really over the last year and a half is the two minute situation. That's where they did there damage. Both of their touchdowns came in two-minute situations. If you could take those out our defense would have been very, very efficient. We didn't get it done in the two-minute situations so they made the plays and we didn't."

(on making plays at the end of the game) "What I come away with is I still think a lot of the pieces are there. It's always frustrating when you jump out 14-0 on a team. You win with a plan and the many phases in that plan--you execute the plan. But yet it came down to who made plays at the end of the game. They made their plays. We had our opportunities, and we didn't get ours made. That's the way these games go."

(on similarities between Sunday's loss and the win against Jacksonville) "It's a very similar game to what we played out here the last time before this we were out against Jacksonville where we jumped out to a big lead. Then they came back and we had to go out and make a play to win the game at the end. We made it then, we didn't make it this week. That's what many of these games come down to."

(on his outlook on the rest of the season) "We're at a point now. We've got 10 games to go. I still believe that this team is capable of playing much, much better. The challenge to us is we've got to go back to work."

(on facing Indianapolis) "We know that we go to Indianapolis. We know what kind of team Indianapolis has. They're in our division. It's a big challenge."

(on Texans' never-quit attitude) "One thing that I do know about our football team is that we've got a bunch of fighters on this team. There is no quit in any of these guys. I think you saw that yesterday in that game. To me, if there is one thing you want to hang your hat on it's that. These guys have an attitude that no matter what the situation is in the game, they are going to go out there and fight and they are going to find a way to win the game. If you have that, then you'll get better."

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