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Conference call: TE Anthony Hill


After he was picked by the Texans with the 122nd overall pick in the fourth round of the 2009 NFL Draft, former North Carolina State tight end Anthony Hill spoke to the Houston media via conference call.

TE Anthony Hill

(on how exciting it is for him to play in his hometown) "I'm really excited, and it's definitely a blessing just to be back here in Houston. I think the last time I played here was about 7-8 years ago. So it's really a blessing to be back."

(on his strong suits as a tight end) "I really think that I'm a tight end that can block really well. I also feel like I can come in and catch the ball and be a threat in the passing game as well."

(on if he had the opportunity to speak with any of the Texans coaches or general manager Rick Smith) "I had the opportunity to talk to them when they picked me. They congratulated me and told me that I was a big, physical guy and a good tight end and they were looking forward to coaching me."

(on his memories of playing with Texans DE Mario Williams at NC State) "He was huge and a really good guy. He was a hard worker and came in every day and did what he had to do, and as you can see, he's not doing too bad now."

(on going against Williams during practice at NC State) "It was good. We really competed a whole lot. I think I was a freshman or a sophomore at the time. I believe having the opportunity of going against such a great defensive end every day is one of the reasons I made it here today."

(on his personal goals as a rookie in the NFL) "I'm just planning on coming in and giving everything that I have. Also, do what ever the coaches ask me to do and play my role."

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