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Houston Texans

Conference calls: Jacksonville Jags

Head Coach Jack Del Rio

(on if the loss to the Texans earlier in the year adds to this game) "No. I think you just have to tip your hat (to them). They were able to win the game. What we want to do is continue to focus on playing good football. I know they're doing a nice job. Since we've played, they've done a heck of a job and are playing at a higher level. We are as well. It should be an interesting matchup on Sunday."

(on if he is worried about a letdown after beating Tampa Bay last week) "No. We're just excited to be playing some good, sound football and we want to continue that. We have a lot of respect for this team, so we're getting ready for a good battle."

(on what has caused the Texans' defense to improve) "They have picked it up. They're playing better now. I think both teams are playing better football now than when we first met earlier in the year. It's guys just making plays. I think guys like Jamie Sharper, who I had in Baltimore, are stepping up and playing well. I know (Marcus) Coleman has some interceptions. They've gotten to the quarterback more. They're just overall playing better defense, so we're preparing for their very best."

(on what the win over the Buccaneers means to him) "Certainly, with the stage--it being in front of the nation on ESPN Sunday Night Football--it made it a big win. With us honoring the franchise's 10-year anniversary, I think it all added up for a good time to get a victory for sure."

(on the play of QB Byron Leftwich against the Bucs) "I was very pleased that Byron rose to the challenge and focused on playing good football and went out there and had a good game. I'm proud of the fact that he was able to do that."

(on a rivalry developing between the Texans and Jaguars) "Well, it's a division game. I know that we get to see each other twice a year. Whenever you do that, you tend to look forward to playing each other and rivalries do develop."

(on if QB David Carr's injury will cause the Jaguars' to focus more on the Texans' running attack) "We're preparing for them at their best. I think David Carr is a fine football player. He'll show up. There is no way that he won't be there on Sunday. We're expecting him. I know that Domanick Davis is having a tremendous year--and Andre Johnson. Those two young guys have really added a new dimension to their offense. We're gearing up for their very best on Sunday."

(on how they'll prepare for QB Dave Ragone) "We saw him coming out (of college). We liked him as a player coming out. We'll prepare like we do for all players and all quarterbacks and try to take away what he does best."

(on WR Jimmy Smith's return from a suspension earlier in the year) "It has been a big boost to have Jimmy back. He is a big weapon. He comes up with 10 big catches the other night. Jimmy, no doubt, means a lot to this franchise and a lot to this team. Having him back is a huge plus."

(on if he expects QB Mark Brunell to play again this season) "I have already stated this week that it is unlikely (he will play again this year). We have two young quarterbacks that are playing well and have had all the practice reps and all the time preparing. So we are going to stay with the same rotation that we've had."

DT Marcus Stroud

(on how the Texans have improved since their first game) "They play well together. They're doing some stuff to pull out some wins and winning some close games at the end. They have improved greatly since the last time we saw them."
(on QB David Carr's injury changing their defensive strategy) "No, we are just going to try to do the same thing we have been doing the past couple of weeks. Try to contain the run and then just get after the passer."

(on the difference between running backs Domanick Davis and Stacey Mack) "(Domanick) doesn't run as downhill and as powerful as Stacey runs. He is a different type back. He is more of a scat-type guy. It looks like he may be a little faster than Stacey, but he's definitely not as powerful. His quickness and speed may give us a problem."

(on what has been the difference in their defense under head coach Jack Del Rio) "We go out and attack more and do things within the scheme and stop leaving our technique to try to make plays."

(on what he learned from defensive linemen Gary Walker and Seth Payne) "They taught me some of the keys to look for--how to study film and how to read blockers and things of that sort."

(on QB David Carr's comment that he talks more than any other player he has faced) "That's part of the game. I like to have fun and just continue to play. He may be right."

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