Daniels' conference call

* Tight end Owen Daniels (University of Wisconsin--fourth round, 98th overall)*

(on how he felt when the Texans called to say they were going to draft him) "I think it was about quarter of ten here in Illinois, and I didn't know what to expect because they were asking me if I was healthy, if I got arrested and what was going on, so I didn't really know how interested they were. Then they told me they were going to take me with the first pick in the fourth round, and I couldn't be more excited about it."

(on his response to the Texans when they asked how he was) "I'm feeling really good."

(on what excites him about joining the Texans) "I think they have a lot going for them. I know that they haven't won a lot of games over the past couple of years, but I think they've got a lot of good things in place with the coaching staff and good ownership. I'm just excited to be a part of it because I have the opportunity to help turn it around for them."

(on the state of tight ends in the NFL) "[Tight ends] are a hot commodity in the NFL now. Everyone wants an athletic guy who can stretch the field and create mismatches. It's great because we get to do a lot of things; we get to block like an offensive lineman, but at the same time we get to be a receiver and create different threats that way. I'm excited to contribute as soon as I can and get this offense rolling."

(on the impact of his knee injury on where he was drafted) "I don't think [it had a big impact]. I got checked out at the combine, all the doctors took a look at it and I got an extra MRI, and I think all of those things looked good. I've played three seasons on it since I was hurt and haven't had any problems. I think if it had been a more recent thing they might have been more concerned, but I think since I played three seasons on it, it wasn't a huge deal."

(on how he needs to improve to succeed in the NFL) "College football is kind of a business if you want to look at it like that, but this is a true business. It's my job and I'm a professional now, so that's an adjustment I'm going to have to make. I love to play, so I don't have a problem getting motivated and ready any week. I think the game might be a little bit faster. What I need to work on the most is my technique in the run game. If I can continue to get better there, I think I can help out a lot."

(on not having to wait very long on the second day before being drafted) "It was really nice to get off to a good start this morning. It was kind of tough to have to wait all night for one pick, but it was good to get it out of the way first thing."

(on if he was surprised at being selected by the Texans) "In the back of my mind I thought they might be interested because I'd had one of those scheduled interviews with them and I thought it went well. I knew they were in the market for a tight end and they hadn't taken one yet in this draft. I didn't know what their plans were, if they wanted to bring in a guy [with the draft] or if they wanted to wait until later on in free agency. I guess I was a little surprised to hear from them right away, just because the only contact I had with them was in the combine."

(on who he talked to on the phone when he was told he was going to be selected) "I talked to everybody. Head coach, offensive coordinator, tight end coach and others. I can't remember them all, but I talked to everybody."

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