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Daniels discusses Pro Bowl invite

2408.jpg caught up with tight end Owen Daniels hours after he was named to his first Pro Bowl on Wednesday. Daniels took the roster spot of injured San Diego Charger Antonio Gates. He will join Texans receiver Andre Johnson and defensive end Mario Williams at the all-star game in Honolulu.

TE Owen Daniels

(on how he found out and what it means to be honored as one of the best in the league) "Thank you, first of all. I found out, (general manger) Rick Smith called me up. I actually didn't answer the phone and he left a nice message for me to let me know that I had made it or that (Chargers TE) Antonio Gates wasn't going to be able to go, so I was the next guy in line. I'm so excited. You can see the smile on my face. I can't wipe it off, and it's going to be really cool to go out, first of all, to Hawaii, and second of all, to play with the best in the league. It's going to be awesome."

(on if he was aware of TE Antonio Gates' injury and if he was following it) "I was aware of it. I knew he didn't finish his last playoff game, and I think someone had told me that he had to go get an MRI or something. So, I was waiting around, and I knew today was the last day to find out or make a decision on whether he was going to go or not. So, I wasn't paying too close of attention, but I knew enough of what was going on."

(on what the reaction was like from his family when he told them) "My mom was screaming. My dad was really excited. My sister and my brothers were both super excited to find out about everything."

(on if his teammates have been asking him to bring them to Hawaii) "No one really – yet. The only person that has mentioned anything is (WR) David Anderson. He asked me if I needed a fan out there. I think he's looking to get out there in some warm weather."

(on what it would take for someone to get an invite from him) "I don't know. We might have to negotiate some things. But I'm just trying to let it soak in and figure out what's going on, and then we'll decided who's going with me or not."

(on what has made the biggest difference in his career to allow him to be a Pro Bowler) "Oh, man. I think with the guys I go against every day in practice. (DE) Mario (Williams) makes me better, (DE) Anthony Weaver makes me better every week. And to have a guy push me like (TE) Joel Dreessen helps out a lot. Playing week to week, that's up to you to go out there and play and be consistent, but in all the preparation, those guys really help me out a lot."

(on what it's like going with teammates WR Andre Johnson and DE Mario Williams) "It's going to make this a little bit more fun. I knew those guys were going to have a good time out there if they were out there by themselves, but now I'm involved in it, so we'll have even more fun."

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