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DeMeco Drops: 'It definitely means a lot to our players when we see the stands packed'


Head Coach DeMeco Ryans

On what he got out of these two days of joint practice

"I thought these past few days were very productive. I think yesterday was good and we came back today and had another really good day of practice, and it went really well to me. We got really good looks – offensively and defensively – against different schemes, different players and we accomplished what we wanted to accomplish out of it."

On what he plans to do with the starters for Saturday's game

"With our game this week, we'll play all our players will play. All of our players will see time in the game and that's how we'll go about it. C.J. [Stroud] will go out first, again, as he did last week. We'll adjust the game as it goes along."

On if he expects LB Blake Cashman to play

"We'll see. We'll see if Blake [Cashman] is ready."

On WR Nico Collins two long receptions today

"I spent most of my time today with the defense making sure we were good."

On what WR Nico Collins has done so far and what he expects him to do

"Nico [Collins], throughout camp, he's shown that he's a big-play threat. Deep passes down the field – he's made a lot of big-time plays in practice, and we're expecting him to do the same thing when it comes to the games."

On if there is a better rhythm in joint practices because it's a controlled environment

"I think these situations going into joint practice, what do they do for us? I think it's really important because you're able to get competitive work, yet it's in a controlled environment. So, we can go through situational football - things that may not come up in a game. We're able to work those things together in a controlled manner and I think that's where you get the most benefit out of these practices."

On his first-time coaching as a head coach at NRG Stadium

"For my first game as a head coach at NRG Stadium, I'm just excited for all our fans just to show up, show out, be loud for us even though it's a preseason game. It definitely means a lot to our players when we see the stands packed and people are there encouraging us, cheering for us. It means a lot to our players, so that's my message to the fans – please show up and support us."

On the offensive line

"Our offensive line is still working through things – still have things to improve on. Not only the offensive line, just as a team, I think each position – not to single out one group – each position has something to improve upon. That's what training camp is all about and guys are headed in the right direction. You do see guys getting better each day and that will continue to be a process all throughout the year."

On how the interior pressure matches up against the offensive line

"I think interior pressure is something that really stops all offenses. You have to be solid in the middle of your offense. You want to be solid in the middle of your defense. You want to be able to threaten the pocket as quickly as possible, so there's a competition right there. Who's going to stand up and make the play? We have to be really good in the middle of our offense, at the center and guard positions, back stepping up in protection as well. Guys have to be solid there."

On what he liked about today's practice

"Today's practice was – overall I thought it was really good. There were things to learn from on both sides. I think overall it was very beneficial to get a lot of tape – good tape where guys can see themselves whether they did things wrong, things that they did well – and you can continue to grow as a player. So, I think that today and yesterday were very productive."