Enemy Intel: The Chiefs are talking about the Texans

Chiefs head coach Andy Reid on Texans QB Deshaun Watson: "He's gifted and he wants to be good. He has that want-to and the desire to be good. I think that's important. He has all the all the intangible things there and he works hard."

Chiefs QB Patrick Mahomes on Watson:  "If you've watched Deshaun Watson since college and I'm sure even since high school, they're never out of a game. He's someone that can make big plays happen no matter what the scenario is. He's going to fight until the end. You know that going into the game and you know that coming in as an offense and as a defense and as a team that you have to make sure you're on top of it all game long. It's going to be a 60-minute fight or even longer, whatever it takes."

Chiefs S Tyrann Mathieu on Watson: "He kind of has that Russell Wilson effect. You can't beat him at everything. Some things he's going to win at. The most important note I can give is, when you're coming for him, trying to tackle him, just to be under control. A lot of guys are out of control, and they tend to throw one arm out there and any time you're dealing with a guy with that kind of ability, he's always going to make you miss. The most important thing is to be balanced and under control."

Chiefs DT Khalen Saunders on Watson: "He's mobile. He's smart. He knows how to win. We have to close out, play to the end of the game, till the clock hits zero, because you don't know what can happen before then.

Reid on Texans WR Will Fuller V: "He stretches the field. He's a gifted kid. We know that. We know that he can scoot, so you've got to respect that."

Chiefs defensive coordinator Steve Spagnuolo on Fuller: "He takes the top off the coverage. He's the speed guy. That's what they do with him: they try to loosen you up. They try to get one downfield to change what you're doing. He's a threat. Somebody we've got to be aware of."

Spagnuolo on Texans RB Duke Johnson: "He's a good football player. They get the rocket screens out to him and he turns and runs with it. He's a good player."

Reid on Texans DE J.J. Watt: "He's an amazing guy. That's why he's been the MVP (NFL Defensive Player of the Year) a couple (three) times. Great player. Passionate. All the things you expect from a future Hall of Fame player.

Chiefs offensive coordinator Eric Bieniemy on the Texans defense: "This is a very experienced group. It all starts up front. It starts with Watt and it starts with Mercilus. I'm not trying to disrespect anyone else on that team. But they have a great unit."

Reid on Texans S Mike Adams: "He's one of my favorite guys. He played with my general manager – how about that one – at Delaware. That's how long he's been playing. I've had him in a couple of Pro Bowl deals and he's a heck of a kid, man. He keeps himself in great shape and he's smart."