The Leftovers: Starting quicker, trick plays, Will Fuller status

Shannon Budaus: Dear Drew, Why do you think the Texans don't get the recognition they deserve from the sports commentators?
DD: Not sure which commentators you're referencing, but ultimately the Texans need to win conference titles and Super Bowls. They've yet to do that, but Deshaun Watson and the crew are working to change all that.

Roman McPeake: Dear Drew, What's the key for the Texans to get off to a hot start against KC?
DD: Get a stop on defense and get the run game going. With the run working, you're able to pop it to DeAndre Hopkins and Will Fuller V and Kenny Stills a bit easier, and then the offense gets going. The Texans ran effectively last time in Kansas City, picking up 192 yards on 41 carries. Carlos Hyde went off for 116 yards and a score, while Watson ran in for a pair of touchdowns.

Paul Roberts: Dear Drew, Should Bill O'Brien turn Deshaun loose and let him call the offensive plays Sunday?
DD: Watson and O'Brien have both said the play-calling is a collaborative effort. Watson has options at the line of scrimmage, but for various reasons this year, the Texans haven't been able to get it going on the first drive with success.

Mike Winston: Dear Drew, Can we expect a return from Fuller for Sunday's game?
DD: It's looking that way. I thought he'd be able to go last Saturday against the Bills, but I was mildly surprised. We shall see. O'Brien reiterated Fuller was trending in the right direction and making progress. His return would be a welcome sight.

Raymund Vinalon: Dear Drew, What are the chances the Texans re-sign Hyde and TE Darren Fells to multi-year deals?
DD: Both guys have been key contributors this year, and it would make a lot of sense seeing them back in Houston. Chances are good, but they'll both likely have other suitors in free agency as well.

Taiylor Amerson: Dear Drew, Do you think the Texans have a chance at winning division playoffs?
DD: Of course. Will it be easy? Of course not. But they certainly have a chance. They won there in October, and we just saw the magic they pulled off last Saturday in the win over Buffalo. You can never count out a team led by Watson.

Aaron Givens: Dear Drew, If Fuller does not play, who do you think we'll need to have the biggest game offensively (besides Watson) for us to win?
DD: No matter which receivers line up, I believe the Texans need to and can run the ball against the Chiefs. It worked so well in your favor last time you played them. As Sean Pendergast pointed out on Texans Extra Points last week, when Hyde carried the ball 19 times or more in a game, they were 6-0 in the regular season. If he's getting the rock with regularity, it means things are clicking for the offense.

Daphne Lui Endress: Dear Drew, How will you celebrate when we win on Sunday?
DD: Steaks on a plane. I'll eat one on the flight back to Houston.

Ryan Riffel: Dear Drew, Why would they need to add people this late in the year to practice squad?
DD: A variety of reasons. Maybe they want the starters to practice against a certain look they think the next week's opponent will give them. So that means you need mix-and-match personnel. Or perhaps a player became available who they might think would be valuable to the squad next season or down the line. Or maybe someone on the practice squad was hurt and a healthy player was put in his place.

Diana Rodriguez Sifuentes: Dear Drew, Do you think 99 will run some great plays this coming Sunday?
DD: I think so. That sack in third quarter on Saturday was pretty sweet, eh? Hopefully there's more of that on Sunday against the Chiefs.

Angel Martinez: Dear Drew, What are your thoughts on the weather being a factor?
DD: I don't think so, Angel. I'm certainly no meteorologist, but it should be clear and cold Sunday.

Antonio Perez Junior: Dear Drew, Do you feel like we should try out some more trick plays like when Hopkins passed it to Watson for a TD?
DD: Always be on the lookout for some razzle dazzle, Antonio. O'Brien's never been shy about incorporating gadget plays when the time is right. I could see the Texans using one this weekend.

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