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Enemy Intel: The Colts have been talking about the Texans

The Texans (9-3) host the Colts (6-6) on Sunday. It's the second meeting this season between the two squads, as Houston won the first one in Week 4 at Indianapolis, by a 37-34 margin in overtime. The Colts shared their thoughts on a few different aspects of Houston this week.

Indianapolis head coach Frank Reich on Texans DE J.J. Watt: "He's definitely all the way back. He's disruptive. He's consistent. All the things that are indicative of his play are there on tape. He's definitely a force to be reckoned with."

Reich on how the Texans defense compares with Jacksonville's: "I think two really obviously good defenses, and to note as you are saying two really good defensive lines. I would say this team has two elite pass rushers. Jacksonville, maybe the depth of all eight of their players is pretty strong. 

Offensive Coordinator Nick Sirianni on how Houston's front 7 is similar to Jacksonville's: "Houston has the guys on the edge. Jacksonville has guys on the edge that are really good, 91 (Yannick Ngakoue) is a great player, Calais Campbell is a great player. I think the Houston guys are a little bit better pass rushers. I know Jacksonville last year had a lot of sacks and Calais Campbell might have led the league last year, but J.J. Watt is known as a great pass rusher. Jadeveon Clowney is just disruptive and can really get after the passer too. He's very disruptive in how he plays the game. So there are similarities. I think that Houston actually rushes the passer a little bit better than Jacksonville. So it will be a challenge for us to go in there, into a hostile environment and protect Andrew (Luck)."

Colts defensive coordinator Matt Eberflus on the Texans offense: "These guys are a huge challenge in terms of just – number one, they are running the ball because they have the two runners back there and then with the quarterback aspect of it (with) the quarterback runs, the designed runs and then also the scrambles. That creates a huge issue for our defense. Then obviously the players they have on the outside (and) the perimeter part of the field creates matchup issues out there. Then with the diversity of their scheme, their coaches do a really good job with that too."

Eberflus on Texans WR DeAndre Hopkins: "We all would vote that he is probably in the top conversation as the top receiver or one of the top receivers – however you want to state that. So he creates problems. His catch-radius and his ability to get open and his ability to stay open and his ability to always be open I think that creates a lot of problems for any defense throughout the league.

Eberflus on the chemistry between Hopkins and quarterback Deshaun Watson: "I think they have a great chemistry between the quarterback and him. That's obvious with the numbers relative to the other guys on the team. I think he has triple the number of catches as anybody else so I think he's definitely their main target."

Colts QB Andrew Luck on Texans OLB Jadeveon Clowney: "They put him in different spots. He's a special player, and he can handle different spots. He can wreak havoc on a game. So you don't want to let him do that."

Sirianni on Clowney: "He is hard to miss, we see him, we know where he is but you don't – some guys come out and they are always on the left. Some guys come out they are always on the right and this guy just moves around. They do a phenomenal job of not allowing you to zero in. I guess it's kind of like a receiver that you say, 'Hey, he is always on the left and we are going to roll our coverage to him every time.' Well, you move that guy around. Well, it's the same thing that Romeo is doing and his defensive staff is doing in Houston. 'Where is 90?' Well it would be easy – so he really, him and his staff, really do a good job of hiding him and moving him and making you work to protect against one of their best players and one of the best players in the NFL."


The Houston Texans traveled over to Lucas Oil Stadium to defeat the Indianapolis Colts for Week 4 of the 2018 NFL season.