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Enemy Intel: The Jaguars are talking about the Texans

The Texans (10-5) host the Jaguars (5-10) on Sunday at noon CT inside NRG Stadium. Jacksonville head coach Doug Marrone, interim offensive coordinator Scott Milanovich and some players shared their thoughts on Houston.

Jacksonville head coach Doug Marrone on Texans DE J.J. Watt and the defense: "He looks like defensive MVP. They have a bunch of guys playing extremely well. That defense is disruptive. They're tough across the board. All three levels – they have a lot of guys playing well. They're physical. They'll be ready to go. It's going to be a loud crowd. We just have to do everything we can to make sure those guys don't take over a game, which they can and they have this past season."

Jacksonville Interim offensive coordinator Scott Milanovich on the Texans defense: "They're elite up front. Everybody knows it. J.J.'s got 14.5 sacks. Clowney's tough. The guy can run. He's long. They present definite challenges that we're going to have to take some different things into account to be able to handle them."

Jacksonville QB Blake Bortles on the Texans defense: "You have to have [a plan] every time you play Houston with the guys they have up front and what they are able to do. Even if you're healthy upfront, you have to plan for that. It's kind of just an extension of that with some different guys in there playing that haven't necessary played a lot of ball and haven't played the Texans and these guys up front. We will have some stuff, but you definitely have to be, as a quarterback, aware of how long you are holding the ball into the pocket."

Jacksonville CB Jalen Ramsey on Texans QB Deshaun Watson, who he believes will be an NFL MVP someday: "I think he's that good. He's that talented and has that much potential…People try to pigeon-hole some guys in the league who are mobile quarterbacks and they try to lean on that all the time, but he is not one of those guys who can only run and not really pass like some other guys. He's a guy who can truly pass the ball very well. He has good connections with not only D-Hop, but his tight ends, his backs and other receivers. He's a really good quarterback before he's an athlete."

Jacksonville DE Calais Campbell on importance of shutting down the Texans run game: "If we handle our business and shut down the run. He [Watson] the most-sacked quarterback in football. We have our hands full making sure we shut down the run first, but we can make some stuff happen." 

Campbell on Watson: "He's an incredible player. You knew that when he first got on the field the first time last year when we played them. He has something special. He caught fire, he's building confidence, and he's the kind of guy that can take over games. We have our hands full trying to stop him."

Ramsey on Texans WR DeAndre Hopkins: "He's number one. Probably him and Odell Beckham, Jr. They're 1A and 1B. Usually when it's a good battle, I'm sure he's going to make a good catch again on this coming Sunday. When it's a good battle, when it's good coverage on a good route, then sometimes you're going to make a spectacular catch and he's capable of making plenty of them."

Jacksonville S Tashaun Gipson on Hopkins: "I think he has the best hands in the National Football League from a wide receiver standpoint. His hands are strong. He's a big, physical guy. The guy can make every catch."