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The Leftovers: The playoffs, starters statuses & more

Drew Dougherty answered a few fan questions submitted via Facebook in the video above. He answered some more in the article below.

Darin Fohner: Dear Drew, Can we expect Lamar Miller to be back in the line-up this week?

DD: Darin, there's a decent chance of that happening. He hurt his ankle in the win at New York two Saturdays ago. Didn't play at Philadelphia, but he was able to practice on Wednesday. We'll see as the week progresses. Bill O'Brien said Monday that Miller "has a chance" at suiting up versus the Jaguars.

Christian Perez: Dear Drew, if Keke Coutee is ready to go this Sunday do you think O'Brien will play him or will he just save him for the playoffs?

DD: Nobody's getting "saved" for the playoffs. This is a big game against Jacksonville. Win, and you're assured of at least one NRG Stadium postseason game. The Texans want to play here, and need a victory to do so. As far as Coutee goes, Wednesday in the locker room he said his hamstring is "getting better every day", but that he'd have to see how the week goes in terms of whether he'd be able to go.

Steve Hicks: Dear Drew, Do you think we will see more of Vyncint Smith?

DD: Yes, Steve. I do. He's impressed his teammates, coaches and the personnel since arriving in May. Coming out of Limestone College, he played a little in the first few games of the year and then came up huge on Sunday with the touchdown at Philadelphia. Deshaun Watson and DeAndre Hopkins, specifically, spoke glowingly about Smith after the game. He's got a bright future.

Ron Alexander Poole: Justin Reid will finish second in DROTY( is that to low to high or just right?).

DD: I've no clue where he'll finish, but I'll say this: I'm thankful he's a Texan. Reid's been great this season, and made numerous big plays.

Samantha Hallas: Dear Drew, With so many players getting injured on Sunday, who is the "next man up" to replace all those guys, especially Demaryius Thomas?

DD: Losing Thomas was gut-wrenching. But, Smith will be called upon to help out at receiver a little more. The Texans also signed rookie receiver Steven Mitchell, Junior. He played at the University of Southern California.

Ryan Jablonski: Dear Drew, after that crushing loss from the Eagles the other Day is it true that in order for the Houston Texans to take that 2nd Seed Playoff Bye Week Away from the Patriots, they have to beat the Jaguars and the Patriots have to lose to the Jets. How are they feeling about them Odds?

DD: You're right, Ryan: to get the two seed, Houston has to beat the Jaguars and the Patriots need to lose to the Jets. I can assure you, the Texans are focused solely on winning.

George Tsakiris: Dear Drew, Is their a chance the NFL could expand teams making the playoffs from 12 to 14?

DD: I suppose there's a chance, but I doubt we see it anytime soon.

John Lozano: Dear Drew, We have clinched a playoff berth already. Do you think we sit our starters and rest them?

DD: No chance. John, if healthy, the Texans will play everybody they can.

Jason McLeod: Dear Drew, What kind of changes to the gameplan do you expect going into the playoffs so that the Texans can surprise the top tier teams we will face?

DD: Jason, I don't think you'll see any drastic changes to the Texans gameplan. There will surely be a few new wrinkles they'll implement, but they've won 10 games, with a chance to get 11, by doing what they do.

**@DMorrissey84**: Dear Drew, Do you think they are battle ready for the playoffs to make a historic run?* DD*: Great question. I've said it many times over the last year: As long as Deshaun Watson is under center...ANYTHING and EVERYTHING is possible. I like the Texans chances.

The Houston Texans took on the Philadelphia Eagles for Week 15 of the 2018 NFL season.

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