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Enemy Intel: What the Titans said about the Texans

The Texans (7-3) host the Titans (5-5) on Monday night at NRG Stadium. Tennessee won the first meeting in Week 2 at Nashville, and several members of their organization shared thoughts about the Texans ahead of the Week 12 matchup.

Titans General manager Jon Robinson: on the Texans offense: "Deshaun Watson's doing a lot of good things for them. They've got the running game going, with (Lamar) Miller and (Alfred) Blue. (DeAndre) Hopkins, he's always a problem.

Robinson on the Texans defense: "They've got a bunch of monsters over there in Watt and Mercilus. Clowney's back. We didn't see him the first time we played him."

Titans Head coach Mike Vrabel on the Texans and situational football: "They've done a great job of winning close ball games. They've had four games that they've won by three points or less, which means they're a team that plays very well situationally, understands the situation whether that be two-minute, four-minute. I thought they did that very well against the Redskins. They were driving for a field goal and they keep them really out of field goal range. It was a prayer kick, so you saw good examples of situational football there. They've done that throughout the year and that's helped them win seven games in a row."

Vrabel on QB Deshaun Watson and the Texans offense: "They're running the football. They're doing a really nice job of play action passes. The better you run the football, the better the play action pass is. Again, some of these plays, he's keeping them alive by extending the play, looking for (DeAndre) Hopkins. (Keke) Coutee is a guy that's working for him. I'm sure they're working Demaryius (Thomas) into the offense and kind of where he's at. Having him a couple of extra weeks, I think he's going to be more involved as they move forward."

Titans QB Marcus Mariota on defensive end Jadeveon Clowney: "He creates matchup problems for sure. What they're able to do with him by moving him around, doing different things, just causes some communication issues. He's definitely a player that can wreck the game, so we have to make sure that we're all on the same page in knowing where he's at, understanding his strength and just making sure that everyone is on the same page."

Titans CB Adoree Jackson on WR DeAndre Hopkins: "He looks like he is catching a Nerf ball out there sometimes. He has great concentration, great hands and he catches everything that comes his way, like a magnet."

Titans S Kevin Byard on Watson: "With a guy like Deshaun Watson, you want to have at least a spy around him 90 percent of the time. Especially when you have passing downs, when you know, I think it's a stat where one out of every four throws, he's scrambling…He's a guy who's going to make plays with his feet, so we definitely have to contain him."

Titans LB Rashaan Evans on Watson: "He's going to be that guy that's going to try to electrify the whole stadium with his playing ability. Especially with his feet. If we can keep him contained, keep him from getting those big plays, especially to number 10 Hopkins, I think we'll be fine."