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The Leftovers: Headsets, J.J. Watt, Health updates & More

In the video above, Drew Dougherty answered a few fan questions submitted via Facebook. In the article below, he answered many more.

Jorge Mendoza: Dear Drew, What would the Texans look like against a team like the Chiefs, Saints, or Rams?* DD*: I think they'd look good, Jorge. I don't think you see them allow 50 points, either. It might be tough to keep up with those offenses, but as long as Deshaun Watson is under center, I won't count this team out against anybody. The Texans are tied with the Bears for the fewest number of explosive plays allowed this season, at 32.

Ramiro Raya: Dear Drew, do you think there is a good chance J.J. Watt will either win Comeback player of the year, or defensive player of the year?
DD: He's certainly in the running for both, Ramiro. He played another outstanding game on Sunday at Washington, picking up a sack and a tackle for loss. He also had a strip-sack taken away because of a penalty away from the play. After 10 games played, he has 10 sacks, and he's traditionally feasted on the Titans offensive line during his career.

SergioBecca Jaramillo: Dear Drew, Justin Reid for Defensive Rookie of the Year? He's been playing tremendous.
DD: If he keeps getting interceptions and scoring, he'll play his way into that award. He's got some stiff competition in Indianapolis' Darius Leonard and Denver's Bradley Chubb. Those two have been excellent, as Leonard's racked up a lot of double-digit tackles games, and Chubb has nine sacks.

John Michael Brainard: Dear Drew, Any updates on Will Fuller? We know he is out for the season, maybe he has undergone surgery? Prognosis on recovery?
DD: No big news to report, John. Fuller had knee surgery shortly after the injury, and he's on the rehab grind now. He's expected back for the 2019 season.

Justin Crisp: Dear Drew, Are the Texans working out any O-line free agents or planning on moving up someone from the practice squad with Senio Kelemete and Zach Fulton's injuries?
DD: Those two are expected to be gametime decisions. Kelemete's started every game but one this season, while Fulton missed a pair in late October.

Enrique Areola: Dear Drew, What are the chances of Houston winning the AFC South division?
DD: Very good. A win on Monday over the Titans would push them to 8-3, and drop the second-place Titans down to 5-6. It would also, at minimum, keep the Texans up two games on the Colts. They'll host Indianapolis and the Jaguars in the month of December.

Steve Hicks: Dear Drew, Since we don't have an OC, who does Bill O'Brien talk to on the headphones?
DD: Excellent question, Steve. O'Brien is in communication with the offensive coaching staff. Some are on the field with him, while others are up in the booth. He can talk with the defensive coaches too, but they're on a different channel.

Ruben Esparza: Dear Drew, How much of a role does the schedule play in the "win-streak"?
DD: Gotta play who's on your schedule, so I suppose it plays all the role in the world, or none at all. No matter what, you play your three AFC South opponents twice. The Texans also got the NFC East and the AFC East. Then they also had to play the 2017 4th place teams from the AFC West in the Broncos, and the AFC North in the Browns. Bottom line: they've beaten the teams in front of them the last seven games.

Samantha Hallas: Dear Drew, When will D'Onta Foreman be back on the field playing football? Will he play against the Titans on Monday? I was at the game when he suffered his Achilles injury and ever since then I've been hopeful that he'd come back.
DD: Not this week, Samantha. He's continuing to work out, and the Texans will make a decision in the next two weeks on whether or not he's back on the 53-man roster, or put on IR.

Colton Milstead: Dear Drew, Will the Texans special teams look to redeem themselves against the Titans after giving up the punt return for a TD?
DD: The Texans allowed a fake punt to go for a touchdown pass early on against the Titans in Week 2, and aside from that hiccup, the special teams units for Houston have been outstanding this season. They'll certainly be aware and alert for any fakes, and I'm pretty sure you'll see an excellent special teams performance on Monday night.

George Tsakiris: Dear Drew, What are the odds the Texans can get the #1 seed in the AFC?
DD: Anything can happen if they keep winning, I wouldn't mind staying home for the playoffs.

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