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EZ Mac, pickup hoops and more w/LB Blake Cashman | Drew's Dozen


1) DD: Blake, it's time for some Cash rankings. You, singer Johnny Cash, the rap group Cash Money Millionaires, Randy Moss saying "Straight cash, homie" and the "Cash me ousside" Girl. How does that shake out?
BC: "Cash me ousside" girl is definitely last. I'll put I'll put Johnny Cash at number one. I think he's a legend. Everybody knows that name. I'll put myself at two. "Straight cash, homie"...that's three because everybody knows that saying AND it comes from Randy Moss. I grew up in Minnesota so I know all about Randy Moss.Four would be the Cash Money Millionaires.

2) DD: Do you believe in ghosts?
BC: I don't believe in ghosts, but I've had a couple paranormal encounters.

3) DD: Go on...
BC: Okay. This was a long time ago. I was in middle school. It was me and some of my buddies. We were having a sleepover and it was late at night. We were playing video games, eating pop tarts, drinking Mountain Dew, all that stuff you do as a middle school boy. But we were making some EZ Mac in the kitchen before we were going to play more video games and all of a sudden we heard a door slam and like a shout. It was a clear shout. Like a man screaming. We all just kind of froze and looked at each other like, 'What in the world was that?' We went around the house and his dad was asleep. No one else was there. But we know it definitely came from the basement. Me being wanting to be brave and the tough guy, I grabbed a lacrosse stick and went down there. I was running around the house trying to see what it was. And we never figured out. Man, maybe ghosts are real.

4) BC: How about you: do YOU believe in ghosts?
DD: I do. For sure.

5) DD: You brought up EZ Mac. You ever cooked EZ Mac, and forgot to put the water in?
BC: I'm sure I've done that once or twice.

*6) DD: How about aliens? Do you believe in them? *
BC: Aliens are, for sure, real.

7) DD: How could they not be?
BC: Yeah, the universe is too big. We haven't even discovered a sliver of it and probably never will. There are definitely aliens out there.

8) DD: You grew up in Minnesota. Who is your favorite Minnesotan, ever?
BC: A guy everyone knows and still to this day loves: Kevin Garnett. 'The Big Ticket'. Growing up, I had season tickets to the Timberwolves game. Basketball was a close first love other than football for me. That's a bad man, tough guy right there.

9) DD: You still hoop it all?
BC: I can't say I do. Once my time on the football field is done, I'll definitely join a men's league, though. No question about it.

10) DD: Will you be the 'Jacks 3's with no conscience' Guy? Will you be the 'Hustles-too-hard' Guy? Will you be the 'Chill' Guy on the court? Will you be the Guy who calls fouls when you could probably let it go?
BC: Definitely the 'Guy going too hard'. I'm way too competitive. I want to win.

11) DD: Complete this sentence: The thing I love the most about H-Town is __.
BC: I just feel guilty saying this, but I'd say the food.

12) DD: Why would you feel guilty about that? It's one of our best qualities.
BC: Because everyone says that. I wish I could pick something a little bit more unique, but definitely the food, I mean, there's just so many options and just the culture with the authentic authenticity of the food is is amazing.

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