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Flow with RB Devin Singletary | Drew's Dozen


1) DD: Your nickname is "Motor". So let's rank the five motors: You, the Motor City, motor boats, motorcycles, and motorized scooters.
DS: Motor boats number one. Motor City is always cool. Motorcycles, I would say, is three. I'm going to say I'm five behind the motor scooter.

2) DD: Why so humble?
DS: That's just how I was brought up. I was never big on boasting or anything. Always hungry and always humble.

3) DD: What's this offense during training camp been like?
DS: It's been fun, bro. It's the beginning, but I feel like we've been improving every day. That's what it's about. Taking it day by day, finding something to get better at. And man, Coach 'Slow (Offensive coordinator Bobby Slowik), he's aggressive.

4) DD: One of the parts of this offense we've seen is the pitch where you go inside. Most ties, running backs run outside the tackle after taking a pitch. What do you think of that--the inside pitch--as a running back? Have you done that much?
DS: No, that's different to me. This will be my first time doing that. But it could be lethal, you know? Get the guys flowing, get you back inside. So I'm looking forward to doing that a lot this year.

5) DD: How lethal could the combo of you and Dameon Pierce be?
DS: No limit as long as we stay hungry, keep working, keep finding ways to get better. We'll see what happens.

6) DD: What do you think about ghosts and the supernatural?
DS:'s possible they could be real. I won't say they're not real.

7) DD: You ever seen one?
DS: Not that I can remember, but I'm not saying they're not out there.

8) DD: Do you feel the same way about aliens?
DS: Yes, I do. Just because we've never seen them, doesn't mean they're not out there. They can be seeing us. We just don't see them.

9) DD: Complete this sentence: The thing I love the most about H-Town is _.
DS: The people, the weather. It doesn't get any better than that.

10) DD: I was talking with RB Dare Ogunbowale the other day and he said the offensive linemen are, hands down, the best guys to go out to dinner with. Is that true?
DS: Yes. They know all the great spots. Whatever spots you want to know, from sweets, to barbecue, whatever it is, they going to know it. So get with the linemen. They're going they going to set you in the right direction for sure.

11) DD: You have a favorite food?
DS: I'm not picky.

12) DD: Have you heard Charlie Heck and Jimmy Morrissey are the best two to go out with because if you order appetizers with them, you're going to eat like a king?
DS: Oh, that's what they're saying? It's got to be true.

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