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Football 101: How Lamar Miller fits




It is an afternoon that many Houston Texans fans don't want to remember. But it may have sown the seeds for the future.

After the Miami Dolphins rolled roughshod over the Texans down in south Florida, there were few positives and it was a quiet, frustrating trip home.

Somewhere over the Gulf of Mexico, someone mentioned that Miami's running back, the one that had just run for 175 yards on 14 carries and caught three passes for 61 yards, was going to be an unrestricted free agent at the end of the season. Still wallowing in the pain of the loss, I perked up a bit, imagining what he would look like in deep steel blue, battle red and liberty white. Then, I went back to sulking.

I had been a fan and follower of Lamar Miller from his days back at the U (University of Miami), but I never thought he'd become a Houston Texan. The news was announced on Wednesday that I never thought would happen.

Lamar Miller will be a Houston Texan.

He'll be 25 at the end of April. He's averaged 4.6 yards per carry in his career, including a 5.1 average in 2014. Most importantly for this offense, he's got some serious juice. Unfortunately during the 2015 season, he used that against the Texans. Fortunately for 2016 and beyond, he'll be doing work in a Texans jersey.

That juice...I'll define it as equal parts burst and explosiveness, is a different dimension than what this offense has had in quite some time. What does it mean to have that burst and explosiveness to and through holes in the defense? How does it manifest itself on the field?

Well, take this run against the New England Patriots as an example of what it means to have the juice.

The Dolphins put 11 personnel on the field and Miller was the lone back in the backfield.


They called a simple gap play to the strong side. The left guard popped and pulled around to the right side as the right side of the line blocked down. The playside tight end fanned out on the defensive end.


The Dolphins offensive line blocked and executed the play perfectly, opening up a sizable hole for Miller; however, Bills safety Aaron Williams was filling the hole from his position.


As Williams closed the alley, the Dolphins wide receiver blocked down on him and Miller darted to the outside, off the hip of that block. Miller had eyes for the sideline with only one guy to beat - Bills corner Leodis McKelvin.


Miller sold McKelvin that he was going to turn and burn up the sideline, but then he planted and sprinted back to the middle of the field.




Miller shook McKelvin and was off on a 33-yard run against one of the best run defenses in football.

Miller's quickness got him into the hole in a snap. His vision helped him find the outside running lane. His burst and explosiveness then put him one-on-one with McKelvin, who Miller left sprawled on the south Florida turf.

It'll be refreshing to see THAT in Texans colors and not on the other sideline as it was back in October.

Check out a collection of the best shots from RB Lamar Miller's football career.

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