Friday Kubiak quotes

Head coach Gary Kubiak spoke to the media after practice on Friday afternoon.

*Head coach Gary Kubiak *

(on this week's practice) "We practiced well this week. we were a little sluggish on Thursday, it's that time of the year that you're trying to get some of these guys that are hurt to Sunday and we've got to be smart with them as coaches and (we're) trying to look at some great players. We prepared well, we had a good week so I'm excited about the game."

(on any changes) "No, just (RB) Chris (Taylor) will be active. He'll be part of special teams, whether he is on offense or not I don't know. It's going to be a game time decision again. (FB) Jameel (Cook) and (DT) Thomas Johnson."

(on G Steve McKinney playing this week) "He's going to play. How many of that equates to, probably depends on the flow of the game. But he's definitely going to play. He ended up playing about eight or ten snaps last week so he's going to get some time throughout this last month."

(on changes for CB Pacman Jones on offense) "First of all the attention, that guy gets a lot of attention out there. They found a way to get him the ball a couple of times last week on a quick screen and he's hard to tackle. You all have seen what he does on special teams so it's something you've got to be conscious of because they're starting to get him involved."

*(on toughness of Jones trying to get all the attention away from somebody else) *"They've got so many weapons and now they've put him on the field you have to worry about him catching a screen. You worry about the quarterback (Vince Young) every snap they have the ball (and) they run the ball extremely well. We're going to have to play good all around defense, without taking away one thing or the other, we're going to have to play good defense."

(on attack game like a chess game) "No doubt. Especially in your division when you play somebody twice that's a big part of, 'How do they come back against us this week? How do we play them?' It wasn't long ago that we played so that happens in your division all the time."

(on QB David Carr this week) "He prepares well every week. He didn't prepare any different this week than he has any other week. He's studied like he was studies. He practiced and he's always practiced hard for me so it hasn't been any different. His team's got to play good to have a chance for us to win this game."

(on FB Vonta Leach catching some balls over Jameel Cook) "He's capable of it. It's one thing he did last week, he was so good physical in the run game at the point of attack probably as good as we've had all year. He's capable of catching the ball. His strength is probably playing physical."

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