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Friday Kubiak quotes

Head coach Gary Kubiak spoke to the media after practice on Friday.

Head coach Gary Kubiak

(on the practice schedule)  "We made Wednesday's practice an extensive walk through basically. We just moved it up a little bit today because we leave early in the morning. I wanted them to have their Saturday meetings this afternoon, that's all we changed. We have a big group of players going Sunday to Sunday just hanging on for their team. I'm trying to do what is best by them."

(on FB Jameel Cook) "We're going to put Jameel on IR sometime today. We're going to activate Derrick Lewis this game. He is available to suit up if we do seek five wide receivers. So, we'll see."

(on RB Chris Taylor) "I don't know. It will probably still be (RB) Wali (Lundy) and (RB) Ronnie (Dayne), but he will be up, he's going to play on some special teams again. When that time comes for him to carry the ball, I don't know, we'll see."

(on LB Charlie Anderson) "He really took advantage of his reps last week. He'll play more in the defensive scheme as well as the special teams."

(on the defensive line rotation) "You work your rotation because you want those guys fresh on the field. I think rotation is good, but there comes times when rotations go out the window and that's whether its offense or defense. At that point right there, I think it (last plays in Titans game) should have gone out the window and should have handled that better as a coach, it's on me. I should have somehow got him (DE Mario Williams) back out there. Of course, they were working pretty fast, but, that is definitely something you look back on and you'd like to see it different."

(on New England) "You're not going to know much about their team. They don't say a whole lot going into games, which makes it difficult on you to prepare for. They have some players that are beat up and you don't know when they're coming back. You don't know when Rodney (Harrison) is coming back, the nose, or the running back. They could all be there or they could not be there. So, that has always kind of been an issue the times I've played them, not knowing exactly which direction they are going to head and I think that is why they're very successful and they have been consistent doing what they do. You really don't know until you show up so you're going to have to adjust."

(on if they bend the boundaries of the NFL) "I think they do exactly the way it should be done. They do it fine and it's very smart on their part. It makes it difficult from our standpoint, but that's the way it is."

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