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Gary Kubiak Quotes: November 18

Head Coach Gary Kubiak
(on if he has decided who will be the starting quarterback) "Yeah, Case (Keenum) will start. I've got total confidence in him. As I told you guys yesterday, I made a decision during the course of the game with something that I was fixing to go do in the fourth quarter that I thought that would be very difficult on a young player. So that's why I put Matt (Schaub) in there and he got us in position to win. But no, Case will start. I've talked to both of them."

(on QB Matt Schaub handled the news that he wouldn't be the starter) "Matt is the same every day. He wants to play. He wants to get back out there and play on a regular basis. That's been no different from that standpoint. It just would have been nice if we could have finished the deal yesterday."

(on if he's worried that he might have messed with QB Case Keenum's confidence by pulling him out of the game yesterday in the third quarter) "No. Actually, I think I was really thinking of him to be honest with you. I've been in this league a long time and dealt with a lot of quarterbacks. I'm trying to develop one right now. Right or wrong, I made that decision because of the situation I thought I was fixing to put a young player in from my standpoint of what I was doing coaching wise. I don't have time to explain that to y'all. That's why I do what I did. He knows that. I talked to him about that."

(on why QB Case Keenum has problems in the second half when he doesn't in the first half) "We've got team problems in the third quarter, big time. Yesterday, in the third quarter, we don't move the ball a lick and defensively, give up some big plays in the pass game and the run game. I think it's a team thing right now, coming out of the locker room in the third quarter and playing better football. We've had some leads. Two weeks ago, they had a lead and it happened against Seattle. Some of those things, I think it's a team issue. I don't think it's a personal issue with one guy."

(on if the Raiders blitzed QB Case Keenum differently in the second half than they did in the first half) "They brought the same ones, brought them a bunch."

(on why QB Case Keenum looked lost sometimes in the third quarter) "Well, the thing about the third quarter, there never was any pattern of getting going. We're three-and-out the first three times if I'm right. You run nine plays, so as a quarterback, you don't get into any rhythm in what you're doing. Now, a couple of those plays are his. I know the second series, he's got a couple of plays to make that, I think if he goes and runs the same play tomorrow, he's going to make that play. But he's a growing young player and has to go through some of things for them to become second-nature to him."

(on TE Garrett Graham fumbling the ball and still playing compared to WR DeAndre Hopkins making mistakes and then sitting as a result) "Well, he did not sit. He played 46 or 47 plays. But yeah, I did take him out for a period of time. Made a couple of mistakes, but that's my job as a coach. I've got to make some decisions. I'm trying to raise a young player right there too who's been playing for me from the start and I've got to eliminate some of his mistakes. That's our jobs as coaches. That's coaching. It's your job as a player to know what you're doing, too. It's not that I'm trying to do one over the other. I try to do the best I think I can do with each player."

(on if a lot of quarterbacks would have pump-faked to WR Andre Johnson on the last play and went to another receiver) "That was his (Matt Schaub's) primary guy. With the coverage we got and what was going on, that's where we were trying to go. It's something we did a couple of times in the game. We had just missed a player earlier in the game, so we went back to it. We caught the same coverage and had an opportunity, but it just didn't work out."

(on if he would make the same decision from yesterday and put QB Matt Schaub into the game) "Yeah, I'd do it again because of why I did it. Was it the right (decision)? Yeah, because I think at that time, that's what I wanted to do as a coach. I knew what I was fixing to do calling the game and I didn't want to put a young guy in a bad situation, who's a young player for me. So I made that decision to go with Matt. So yes, I'd do it again."

(on if WR DeAndre Hopkins made more mistakes on Sunday) "Everybody makes mistakes. Everybody makes mistakes, but he just made a few the other day that I don't think we should make. He's no different than anybody else. There were a lot of mistakes in the game."

(on how he feels about QB Case Keenum running the two-minute offense) "Like I've said, you guys don't understand and I'm trying to explain to you—let me try one more time. I'm fine with Case in a two-minute situation. What I was doing, calling the game and some of the decisions, I made to go with to try and help the quarterback out and the offensive line out. It was fixing to be very difficult. It was fixing to be very fast for a young guy who has never been through it. That's why I did what I did."

(on if the team's inability to adapt and perform in the second half is an issue with coaching) "It always starts with us. It's our job to get them playing better. It's our fault. We've got to get them to do a better job."

(on why OLBs Whitney Mercilus and Brooks Reed have struggled so much to get sacks in Wade Phillips' 3-4 defense) "I don't think they've been 'unable to get to the quarterback.' I think losing Brian (Cushing), with some of the things Wade does with his interior pressures and stuff frees guys up outside to get a lot more one-on-ones. I would say that losing Brian and some of the things we've done have been a factor. It was a factor last year. Those two guys have played consistent and they've played hard. I think if you keep doing that, the sacks will come your way."

(on if he thinks the team's cohesiveness has frayed and if he feels like he has lost the team) "I disagree with you. I don't see anybody fraying. No, I don't worry about losing them. I'm honest with them with where we're at and what we do every day. We're in there working our tails off, just trying to work our way out of this."

(on if there is any concern that QB Case Keenum will feel he could get pulled at the first sign of trouble) "No."

(on how he feels about losing eight games in a row and talk that he could be fired) "I could feel a lot better. I know that. I'm just one of many people. Every player, every coach, it has been very difficult. It's tough on the organization, everybody, our fans. I feel a lot like everybody else, but I'm the guy that has got to get in there and figure out a way for us to work through it and that's what I'm trying to do."

(on if there are any  injury updates) "There are, but I have not been through them.  I've been in some meetings, so I apologize to you."

(on players mentioning having to go to a silent count due to the booing of QB Matt Schaub) "No, I did not notice that because I was up in the booth, but that's never been a problem here. We shouldn't have to do that. I know that we did do it for a few snaps. It's not like we did it for the whole game."

(on if the players looked mentally tired like he first thought after looking at film) "I think that we're making some mistakes that, to me, tell me that we're a little bit mentally tired. Obviously, I think that comes from when you have a lack of success and what we're going through right now. I think it just wears on people. It's only human nature so that's something that we've got to address as coaches and keep everybody pushing. From a gameplan standpoint, have everybody as sharp as we can possibly be. I just thought I saw some situations yesterday where we weren't as sharp with some of the simple things that we do on a weekly basis. That's what I was talking about."

(on if he expects to continue to coach from the press box against Jacksonville) "I have to listen to the people that are talking to me every day, so we'll see. I don't know."

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