Gray press briefing

Buffalo Bills defensive coordinator Jerry Gray

(on the interview) "I think it went good. I'm thankful for the opportunity for being brought in here and given the chance to get in front of Mr. McNair, Charley and those guys and let them know my story."

(on the Texans offense) "Of course. I studied the film and I told them what I thought was best for their offense and some adjustments that we've got to make in order to get David and the rest of the guys on the same page and we can go from there."

(on the Texans' talent on offense) "Of course. They know my strength is defense. If they know that I study the film and know what we can do in order to put defenses in a bad position – which I should be able to do, I know how to make adjustments on that – then they'll give me a chance."

(on the advantage of being the only defensive coach interviewed so far) "I think so. Those guys know that Gregg Williams and I worked very well together. Gregg Williams did a great a job and has always done a great job the last couple years. When I was with him or when we've been separate, I like what he does and I think they want to get the guy that can come in here and help their team."

(on the Texans' talent on defense) "Number one, you look at young guys that can run. You look at Peek and you look at Babin. The corners, those guys can cover. They've got young safeties. They've got a lot of defensive tackles that are aggressive. And the thing you can do is you can mold those guys into what you want. I think they got a leg up on a lot of people. Again, there are some things you've got to upgrade but for the most part, they've got some stuff here."

(on the 4-3 vs. the 3-4) "I like 4-3 but we'll see what works."

(on his current situation in Buffalo) "As a coach, you've got to be able to adjust to what happens. And that's the same thing you do during the course of a game. I'm going to go back and the head coach and myself will sit down and talk and we're going to see where he wants to go. And if it fits for Jerry, then fine. If it don't, then Jerry's got to adjust. I've done that all my life. I played corner, they moved me to safety. I played safety, they moved me to corner. So it doesn't matter. I'm going to find a way to be the best."

(on Vince Young) "I think he's tremendous. He did a great job in the bowl game and he's done that the last year and a half."

(on the possibility of returning home to Texas) "Of course. I think anytime you get the chance to come home, right down the street from the university you played at and right probably nine hours away from where you grew up. Texas is Texas, and there's no place like going back to home."

(on if he's surprised the Texans won just two games this season) "Of course. You never go into a season thinking you're only going to have two wins. Then when you look at them on film, you can kind of tell why. But they've got a good nucleus of a team. They've got a good team, they've got some good, young guys, and they've just got to mold it into what you want."

(on so many coaching jobs being available this offseason) "I think it's a positive. Anytime there are some good coaches out there and people want to vie for the good coaches. You look around and look at the best coaches who've been hired over the last few years. You look at [John] Fox, you look at Lovie [Smith], you look at Marvin Lewis. Those guys are all real good coaches. They're all in the playoffs. So I don't think anything's a negative like that. They're all defensive coaches, too which hopefully is a positive for me."

(on if he is interviewing for any other positions) "There may be a couple other deals that are working out. And that's probably going to be early next week."

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