Hodgdon quotes

(on how the level of his college competition has benefited him) "Obviously, it benefited me greatly. I think I played against some tremendous players, the Ryan Long's of the world, Mike Paterson and (Shaun) Cody at USC. I think I was able to show that I can handle playing against those guys."

(on how he perceives his NFL readiness) "I didn't get to where I am by viewing myself as someone who couldn't contribute right away. I plan on it."

(on what he thinks his role will be with the Texans) "I have just spoken with them briefly. They said they expect me to come in and fight for a spot, so that's what I'm going to do."

(on his prior experience as a guard) "I played guard my first two years in college"

(on whether he has a preferred position on the offensive line) "No. They are very different positions, but I feel pretty comfortable with both."

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