In the Lab: Drafting an All-Texas Colleges NFL D

John Harris and I had some fun on a recent "In the Lab" podcast. We each drafted an all-time NFL defense, consisting only of players from Texas colleges. 

Johnny picked first, and went with Mean Joe Greene, who played his ball at North Texas State. I went next and chose TCU's Bob Lilly, who was a monster for the Dallas Cowboys.

I won't go pick-by-pick, because you can see it in the tables below. I wound up with a 4-3 defense, while Johnny went with a 3-4. He also added a few current NFL players to his squad, while I stuck solely with retired guys. I also took a few more players from long ago.

Next week we're drafting the all-time NFL offense of players from Texas colleges.

You can listen to today's podcast, and many other In the Labs, HERE.

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Here's how John's total defense shakes out. He has three Pro Football Hall of Famers, but Von Miller will likely make it a fourth, and there's a good chance Earl Thomas, III winds up in Canton too. That's a really mean pass rush.

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My defense is below. I like my front seven. A lot. The linebacker corps is fairly ferocious. Plus, I have two Hall of Famers in my defensive backfield.

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The Houston Texans roster in photos. (Updated 5/20/2019)

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