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In the Lab: Drafting an All-Texas Colleges NFL D

John Harris and I had some fun on a recent "In the Lab" podcast. We each drafted an all-time NFL defense, consisting only of players from Texas colleges. 

Johnny picked first, and went with Mean Joe Greene, who played his ball at North Texas State. I went next and chose TCU's Bob Lilly, who was a monster for the Dallas Cowboys.

I won't go pick-by-pick, because you can see it in the tables below. I wound up with a 4-3 defense, while Johnny went with a 3-4. He also added a few current NFL players to his squad, while I stuck solely with retired guys. I also took a few more players from long ago.

Next week we're drafting the all-time NFL offense of players from Texas colleges.

You can listen to today's podcast, and many other In the Labs, HERE.

Here's how John's total defense shakes out. He has three Pro Football Hall of Famers, but Von Miller will likely make it a fourth, and there's a good chance Earl Thomas, III winds up in Canton too. That's a really mean pass rush.

My defense is below. I like my front seven. A lot. The linebacker corps is fairly ferocious. Plus, I have two Hall of Famers in my defensive backfield.

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