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Jacksonville Jaguars Conference Calls

Head coach Jack Del Rio

(on previous years preparing him for this year) "There were several. As a coach in Baltimore the first year there in '99 we started out 0-2 and through seven games we were 2-5. We ended up finishing up fairly strong that year and went on the next year and won the Super Bowl. As a player I was there with Jimmy (Johnson) when we went 1-15 in the first year and two years later in the Super Bowl. So I think there are plenty examples of teams that don't get off to a hot start but end up playing good football and turn it into something good down the road."

(on drawing from Jimmy Johnson and Brian Billick) "The biggest thing is to believe in what you are doing and continue to do the right things and maintain that confidence and poise. I think as leaders as the team that's our duty."

(on the positives with the lack of success) "The way the guys are working. They're continuing to give us what we need to get in order to get better."

(on the negatives with lack of success) "Having to field questions about a lack of success."

(on negative questions dragging on) "It's just something that's there. It doesn't have anything to do with our effort or our approach or our plan or any of that stuff."

(on the defensive line being the strength) "We need it to be. We're going to lean on our front. We need our front to play well in order to play good defense."

(on last year's experience with Carolina) "We learned quite a bit last year. We started hot last year and won our first three games. Then we lost eight in a row and we continued to do the right things. I believe that team was hardened by that experience. I believe that they will win some of those close games. They all ready have. They won the first two against us and against Tampa in close, tough contests. I think they're a hardened team because of that experience."

(on RB Fred Taylor) "I think Fred is one of the premiere backs in the league. The guy is able to move the chains. He's a good combination of power and speed. Obviously we like Fred and want to make sure he gets the ball plenty."

(on the Texans' biggest weapon) "I think they have a fine young quarterback, a big strong running back, and three good wide receivers. I think to say just one guy is the biggest threat. I think there are several guys who are threats."

(on WR Andre Johnson) "He's a guy that we liked in the draft and I think he has big time talent. I think he's doing a nice job for them."

(on QB Mark Brunnell) "Right now we have him listed as questionable and he did not practice today. He's got some stitches in his elbow and it's just a situation we will monitor day-to-day and evaluate where we are and make the decision when we have to."

Quarterback Mark Brunell

(on if he participated in today's practice) "No, I didn't practice (today). (My elbow) is better than yesterday. I expect it to be better tomorrow. As we get closer to the week, we'll have to make a decision."

(on his status for this Sunday's game) "I'll give it my best shot, obviously. You need to be smart, but at the same time, if the doctors clear me I'm certainly going to go. Hopefully, this thing will improve as the week goes on. We'll have to see."

(on how his elbow feels today) "It's a little swollen, a little stiff right now. Certainly you don't want to move it around too early to the point where you could open up the wound again. Like I said, hopefully it will get better every day."

(on how difficult it has been dealing with trade talks and the winless start) "I think you have to separate the two. Training camp was obviously really interesting. It's something that kind of came unexpected with the trade talks. I've kind of put that behind me. As far as the season, 0-3 is difficult, but it's still very early."

(on which areas the Jaguars can improve in) "I think there are just a number of things on offense, defense and special teams. We have shot ourselves in the foot. We've played some pretty good football teams. But at the same time, we've had some opportunities and have not capitalized on them. Just too many mistakes. That's probably been the reason and that's why you lose football games."

(on how Jimmy Smith's absence has hurt the Jaguars) "That is a factor, but at the same time it's not an excuse. We are looking forward to Jimmy getting back. We need to play better football regardless of who is here and who is not here."

(on how Smith is feeling) "Jimmy is having a tough time. While he wants to get back on the field as soon as possible, what's more important for Jimmy is getting his life back in order. I think he is headed in that direction. Having talked to him, he has made a lot of strides. He sounds great. I think Jimmy is a good man and he is going to be stronger because of this. It is unfortunate that it happened. I think everyone goes through difficult times. He is fighting through this and he is overcoming it."

(on the Texans getting information from former Jaguars FS and current Texan, Marlon McCree) "The Texans aren't dumb. They're going to get all the information they can get out of Marlon (McCree) and I'm sure Marlon has no problem giving it to them. It's happened before. It'll happen again. Marlon is there because he is a good football player, not because he has information. Obviously, having been here for a considerable amount of time, he knows the guys. He knows the system. But he is a good football player. There is no question about that."

(on the impact of RB Fred Taylor) "He is a good player, a very good player. When he is healthy, he is certainly a weapon that we like to use and we feel like if we can get him on the field and get him the ball that he is going to make some plays. I have a lot of confidence in Fred, as does the whole team. We are better because he is back there."

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