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Houston Texans

Jacoby Jones conference call

Jacoby Jones talked with the Houston media via conference call shortly after being selected in the third round (No.73 overall). Following are his comments.

(on how he felt when he got the call) "When I got the call, I told everybody my gut feeling was the Titans or the Texans. When I saw the 832 number come up when I opened my phone and when he said it was Mr. Smith, tears just started running out of my eyes. I just said, 'When do you want me there? I'm there.'"

(on his recent connections to Houston) "Everything happens for a reason. I came to Houston for one all-star game, and I wound up staying over playing in Texans' stadium. I feel like that's my home, that's where my name really got latched on to the Houston Texans. Now I'm home, and I'm going to try and make them happy in Texas. If I've got to be a role player, substitute, whatever I've got to do, we're going to do it."

(on staying close to family) "It's really nice. Mom doesn't have to fly; she can drive now. My head coach is from Houston, so you could say I have family there."

(on when he thinks he can make an impact) "As soon as possible. As soon as I can get in and learn the system and get in some kind of role, I'm going to try to make an impact."

(on his excitement to perform in front of Texans' coaches) "This whole thing is overwhelming for me. I come from Lane College. I can't even speak on that."

(on how many people fit in his college stadium) "In Lane College stadium? Geez, a handful!"

(on being the second player drafted from Lane College) "Actually, I'm the only player drafted from Lane College, Fred Lane was a free agent. I don't know about that (DT Ernest Bonwell, an 11th round pick by the Dallas Cowboys in 1971) if there is then so be it. Lane College, we still rollin'."

(on how exciting it is to be drafted out of Lane College) "Oh, is it! I've come a long way."

(on whether playing Division II football will make the transition to the NFL tougher) "There's no difference. If you're an athlete, you're an athlete. If you can play football, you can play football; All grass is green, all footballs are brown. Unless you're playing at Boise State."

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