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Jake Hansen talks Tex-Mex, extraterrestrials and football | Drew's Dozen


1) DD: Rank the Jakes: you, boxer Jake Paul, actor Jake Gyllenhaal, Body by Jake and wrestler Jake 'The Snake' Roberts.

JH: I mean, if you don't put yourself at one, what are you doing? Right? Then I guess I'll go Jake Paul, Jake Gyllenhal. Jake the Snake. And Body by Jake.

2) DD: How is camp going for you?

JH: It's good. I got a few things to build on, but it's great to be learning from (Linebackers) Coach (Chris) Kiffin and (Head) Coach DeMeco (Ryans) and (Defensive Coordinator) Coach (Matt) Burke. Those guys are really knowledgeable guys. They've been around the game a long time, so I've been learning a lot.

3) DD: Which teammates pump you up?

JH: Jalen Pitre and Christian Harris. We were in the same rookie class, so there's a little relationship there. Those dudes always have great energy. Never complaining.

4) DD: Why is your Instagram handle @Juggs35?

JH: It came from one of my buddies, he actually plays for the Broncos, Justin Strnad. When I came into high school as a freshman, I was just a young dude and he was picking on me. He's like, 'This kid thinks he's the 'Juggernaut' because there's a UFC fighter named Jake 'The Juggernaut' Ellenberger. He thinks he's a UFC fighter. And I got all mad. Sure enough, it stuck for the rest of my life. So I'm Jugs 35 now.

5) DD: Where does that guy rank on the Jakes list?

JH: I got to put him at six, man.

6) DD: What are your thoughts on ghosts and the supernatural?

JH: I think they're real.

7) DD: You ever seen one?

JH: No.

8) DD: What about aliens or extraterrestrials?

JH: In some capacity, there's life outside this planet. I'm 100% sold on that. Area 51, I believe, and all that. They got spacecrafts and non-human technology there for sure.

9) DD: About three minutes ago, you were catching passes and doing extra work after practice. Did you think you were going to be talking about aliens?

JH: I wasn't expecting aliens.

10) DD: Complete this sentence: I love H-Town because __.

JH: The Tex-Mex. It's great. I love it.

11) DD: Flour or corn tortillas?

JH: It depends. With fajitas, I like to go flour. If I'm doing like an authentic taco, I like to go corn.

12) DD: You grew up in Tampa. Which is worse: Texas heat or Florida heat?

JH: Texas heat. Houston heat, specifically. I came here last year expecting 'Oh, I'm from Tampa. I'm used to it. We do this all day.' I got here and it was a rude awakening for sure. Usually I don't really sweat a crazy amount and I'm coming out of here drenched. Houston heat all day.

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