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Jamar Fletcher presser transcript

Following are comments from free agent cornerback Jamar Fletcher after his visit with the Texans on April 4, 2007.

(on the visit to Houston) "Beautiful. It's a beautiful place, a beautiful city. I love all the coaches; I met some of the players—I actually know a few of the players—so it's wonderful."

(on which other teams he's visited) "I actually went to Tennessee, I went to Kansas City; and there's a team that I didn't visit when I did decide to come to Houston."

(on the decision-making process in deciding where to sign) "I think this is a beautiful situation for both parties. I would love to come down and play for the Houston Texans. I know things have to be handled on the business end, but as far as me, Jamar Fletcher, is concerned, I would love to be a Houston Texan."

(on if he feels like Houston is a fit for him) "Definitely. I believe this team is on the rise and doing a lot of good things to better the team. It's obvious when you bring in (QB Matt) Schaub and (RB) Ahman Green. you've got a young defense with a lot of young talent, and I think with me here we can definitely take this thing a long way."

(on possibly playing opposite CB Dunta Robinson) "As a corner, you look at a lot of things, but first and foremost you see that other corner, and number 23 (Robinson) is a good player. I believe, like I said, with me added to the mix we can do a lot of great things."

(on what he would bring to the team) "Play-making ability; definitely veteran leadership on and off the field; being able to show the young guys how to work and do the right thing and also encouraging the older guys that it's time and we can still do things and get the job done. But definitely, (I'm) a guy who's going to come and play hard and make plays."

(on the free agency process and taking visits) "I think you have to respect it. I respect it. It's all a part of this business and it's my future, so I see no problem with it. I'm glad I was able to come down here and get the opportunity to visit with the Texans, like I said, because I think it's a wonderful organization and they're on the rise."

(on the reason for his success last season in Detroit) "Opportunity. I just believe that I was given a chance to go out there and really show what I can do as a player. That's my main thing: I just want to be somewhere that's going to give me a chance and give me an opportunity to show what Jamar Fletcher can do. They gave me that, and the fact that I only played 13 games and still led the team in turnovers, I think can show you or tell you that I still have a lot in store."

(on meeting with Texans general manager Rick Smith and head coach Gary Kubiak) "First and foremost, coach is a former player, so that goes a long way. Before I met coach, many of the people were telling me how he was as a person, so I just felt comfortable right away. And meeting with Mr. Smith, everybody's on the same page, and that's what I look for. If you're on the same page and everybody's on the same page and talking the same thing, then that's a good start."

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