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Johnson quotes

(on being picked by the Texans) "I'm just excited about being here and being part of a great organization."

(on whether the Texans had talked to him about how he might be utilized) "Not really. We have spoken a little, but I'm just ready to come in, ready to make plays and ready to be part of a great organization."

(on whether prior off-field allegations are resolved now) "Of course, of course. It was always resolved. It was resolved in no time. It was never really an issue. I was exonerated by an all-woman jury in no time really. That was the only time I was ever in any trouble. I don't think it was ever really an issue, and now it is over with."

(on his speed and hunger for the football and whether that is his best attribute) "I think so. Really, I'm a defensive lineman who plays the ball from sideline to sideline, who continues to get better every day and every play."

(on how happy he is to be coming to Houston to be a Texan) "I'm so excited to be a Texan. I just can't wait to get down there and to start doing some work."

(on how he feels he fits into the 3-4 defense) "I've played all three positions, and I'm just waiting for the challenges and opportunities to show that I can play all three positions there."

(on playing nose tackle and his experience at that position) "I love nose tackle. I started there as a sophomore at Florida State. I'm ready and very excited about this great opportunity."

(on prior injuries and any worries about his durability in the NFL) "My neck injury wasn't really an injury. It was mostly used to get me a medical redshirt because Darnell Dockett (Arizona Cardinals) and Jeff Womble were there at the same time. I had one stinger and they decided that sitting out a year would be the best thing."

(on the condition of his shoulder) "The shoulder is great. The shoulder hasn't given me any problems. The shoulder is great."

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