Johnson quotes

* (on how it feels to sign with the Texans)* "It feels great, because I really wanted to be out here. I think it hurt me more just watching the guys out here and me not being able to be here. But I'm really excited about getting out here and taking care of business."

(on if he thought the negotiations would drag on) "I have no idea. I wasn't involved in the negotiations. That's what I pay the agent for, really. I just told him I want to be out here and let's get it done. That's basically what I told him."

(on if he put pressure on his agent to get a deal done) "I told him I'm trying to come here and help the team out. I really just want to be out here. He did a great job. Gary Wichard did a great job. So did Mr. Ferens. So everything got taken care of."

(on any concern about being behind) "I've been studying my plays. I've been studying at home. I actually called (defensive line) coach (Mike London) at one o'clock in the morning to go over some stuff the other day. Football is a mental game, and really I feel like my mental (game) is always going to be there, and now it's time to just bring everything else."

(on if today was a long day for him) "Today was a very long day. My daughter had a doctor's appointment, so I was up here taking care of that. Otherwise, it worked out and I'm just happy."

(on his emotions after signing) "I'm very relieved. I just want to be here to help out the team and really just continue to get better."

(on holding on to Gary Walker's pads after practice) "G-Funk, I don't know. He just handed them to me."

(on learning from the veteran defensive linemen) "They've done nothing but taught me so much ever since I've been here. Gary and Robaire continue…I mean, I've talked to Robaire on the weekends and Gary every day. I just continue to learn different things from those guys."

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