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Johnson talks about Pro Bowl

Following are comments from wide receiver Andre Johnson after hearing that he was selected as a starter for the 2007 Pro Bowl.

(on the difference from the first time he was selected) "I really wouldn't say it's much different. The first time I went, (I wondered) do I belong to be mentioned with those guys and make it to the Pro Bowl. I told them that if I made it, then I should be there. This year, it's really no different. A lot of people felt like I was going to make it anyway. I was asked that question again: 'Do I feel like I belong?' I just didn't think about it. I thought if I'm voted and I make it, then the question answers itself."

(on it being sweeter this year after last year's injury) "Yeah, it does. After the season last year, I was really anxious to get back and get this season started. That was a personal goal of mine. I was just ready to get back in and try to do everything I can to help the team win. My personal goal was to make it back to the Pro Bowl."

(on how head coach Gary Kubiak has helped him)"Coach Kubiak, he's a straight-forward guy and he's not going to treat any guy different from the others, and that's what I love about him. When he first got here, he told me, 'Hey, how does 100 balls sound?' and I just laughed and said, 'Hey, it sounds great.' He's been giving me the opportunity to make plays, and I think that by him doing that, I've been able to go out and show the abilities that I do have."

(on the meaning of people recognizing him despite the team struggling) "Yeah, it does mean a lot. Sometimes when you're in the position that we're in, sometimes some players get overlooked. It just lets you know that people are paying attention to what you're doing out on the field on Sundays."

(on whether he thinks rookie LB DeMeco Ryans should have made it) "Of course, I think DeMeco should be a starter. He's having a tremendous season. If you look at him playing on the field, you would never know that he was a rookie. This year, he's playing like he's a nine, 10-year veteran. Personally, I think he's our team's MVP this year. When you want to look for a guy out there every Sunday, making plays, DeMeco is that guy."

(on what he was doing when he found out) "I was in the mall Christmas shopping. I was in the mall Christmas shopping and coach Kubiak called me and congratulated me and let me know that I had made it. I was in the mall walking around getting some Christmas gifts."

(on his reaction when he heard the news) "I just smiled. I really didn't have a real big reaction. I just smiled, and he told me, 'Congratulations,' and I just told him, 'Thanks.' It was great to know that I had accomplished my goal."

(on Kubiak's thought that he could have had better numbers) "It just lets you know what we can be as an offense. This year, we've struggled a whole lot and like I said yesterday, we have more negative things happening than we have positive. We set ourselves back when we're in a football game. It just lets you know where we can be, and after going through this season I really don't think things can get worse than what they have been now. And I just hope that next season we can come out and I think we will gel and we will be performing better on Sundays."

(on whether he's talked to WR Eric Moulds today) "No, I haven't talked to him today. Eric has helped me out a whole lot this year, and I'm definitely taking him over to Hawaii with me if he's willing to go. I'll let him know that he's helped me out a whole lot this season. He's just been a good mentor."

(on having Moulds to look up to) "That's something that I didn't have my first three years. Most guys when they come in they have a veteran guy to teach him the ins and outs of the game, and I didn't have that. Now I have Eric here and he's helped out a whole lot. When I'm out on the field doing things, he's watching me. And when he's doing things, I'm watching him. I definitely learned a lot from him."

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