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Kollar, Gibbs preach aggression


The Texans rounded out their defensive coaching staff by hiring assistant head coach/defensive line Bill Kollar and defensive backs coach David Gibbs. The coaches spoke to the media on Tuesday.

Assistant head coach/defensive line Bill Kollar

{QUOTE}(on what excites him most about coming here) "It's a good opportunity; got a heck of an offense, really came on strong at the end of the year winning five out of the last six games, and we're hoping to get into the playoffs next year, obviously."

Defensive backs coach David Gibbs

(on how does he feel about coming to work with his father, assistant head coach/offense Alex Gibbs) "I'm excited. I got to do it for a couple of years in Denver, and it's good to be back with him (assistant head coach/offense Alex Gibbs), and the chance to work for (head) coach (Gary) Kubiak was a chance I couldn't turn down."

(on the chance to work with his father, assistant head coach/offense) "I enjoyed it. I had a good time with him (assistant head coach/offense Alex Gibbs) in Denver. It's always good. He's towards the end of his career. So, it's always good to be around your father."

(on how special is it to be able to work with his father assistant head coach/offense Alex Gibbs) "It's always a good thing. Anybody who has had a chance to work with one of their parents and doing the job that they choose to do, it's a special deal."

(on what does he hope to bring from a secondary point of view) "Just hope to, like (assistant head coach/defensive line) Bill (Kollar) said, they have a great offense here and the defense needs to catch up to the offense. And we're going to coach as hard as we can and try to get these guys to play better."

Assistant head coach/defensive line Bill Kollar

(on if there is anything specific he's seen that needs to be addressed) "Well, I think what happens - it's always the same when you come in, we've been watching film the last couple of days and obviously, we need to end up improving overall at all positions and defensive line wise. (We) need to end up being a little more aggressive and put a little more pressure on to the quarterback."

(on what excites him about working with DE Mario Williams) "I've watched the guy (DE Mario Williams) the last really couple of years. The guy's a heck of a player. (He) has unlimited ability, and we're hoping to really end up getting him to playing at his max."

(on why did he want to be in Houston since he didn't have to leave Buffalo) "I just thought it was a great opportunity to come down to be with an offense like they've got here, and again, hopefully, it's always the same thing—you always want to get to the playoffs and hopefully end up making it to the Super Bowl. And I thought this would be a great opportunity."

(on how much does he think his Super Bowl experience can add and bring to the defense) "Well, I'm hoping the way I coach - I want the guys to play as hard as they can play. I try to get the most out of the guys. So, that's what I'll be doing here is trying to get them to fly around the football and stuff and give us a good opportunity to win."

(on how does he like the talent on the defensive line) "We've just watched the last couple of days, but obviously (DE) Mario's (Williams) a heck of a player. I think everybody definitely ends up needing to step up, obviously like Mario, too. And we're hoping, like (defensive backs coach) David (Gibbs) said, catch up with the offense is what we're hoping to do with the defense."

(on what he can do for DT Amobi Okoye) "I just, you know, stay on him and keep working on technique and get him to play. Really, everybody's the same. You have to play full speed every play. If you're tired, come out and let somebody else go in. We're not going to have you out on the field playing 50, 60 plays if you're tired. We want everybody that's out on the field being able to play 100 percent at all times. That's what we need to do."

(on being a fanatic about getting to the ball no matter where it is) "Right, and that's the way we're going to end up working them here. The thing is, you have to do it in practice also. You just can't say, 'Well, I'm going to do it in the game and that's it.' You have to do it in practice, and that's what we'll end up doing here."

(on what it's like to start over in a new place) "Oh, I mean, it's fine. You have friends all over the league, and I know a bunch of the guys here. Coach (Dick) Juaron of the Buffalo Bills organization was great. It was a heck of an opportunity there, but I feel we have a great opportunity here also."

(on the Buffalo Bills letting him go even though they didn't have to) "Well, (Buffalo Bills) Coach (Dick) Juaron had said when we first got there that he wouldn't hold anybody back if it was a move that you really wanted to make and stuff and it was nice of him to give me that opportunity. They had a squirt with the GM Russ Brandon and (Bills Owner) Ralph Wilson, and it went for quite a while. It wasn't like it was a one day deal. The Texans had been working on it for over a week and it finally came to be the other day."

(on if he asked head coach Gary Kubiak for a first round draft pick) "No, but that would sure help, that's for sure."

Defensive backs coach David Gibbs
(on if assistant head coach/defensive line Bill Kollar asked head coach Gary Kubiak for a first round draft pick) "I said he's already got three number ones, he doesn't need anymore (laughs)."

(on if he likes the talent level in the secondary and if he asked head coach Gary Kubiak for a first round pick) "Not yet, but we'll see as we go. You know, the funny thing about the secondary is they played good in spurts. They really did. They just have to learn to be consistent. You know, most teams, most coaches will say that to you. But these guys, they have some players back in the backend. They had some injuries a year ago, played a lot of guys, especially at safety, and I think there's enough talent back there to regroup and be a decent secondary."

(on if his coaching style will mirror his father's coaching style) "We'll find out soon."

(on if he does a good impersonation of his father) "No, I do not. He doesn't talk to me either (laughs)."

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