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Kubiak Friday quotes

Head coach Gary Kubiak spoke to the media Friday afternoon following practice.

**Head coach Gary Kubiak

(on any differences at practice today)** "No. But (DE) Antwan (Peek) tweaked a hamstring yesterday in practice and as of right now I would say it doesn't look good. It will be a game time decision."

(on DE Antwan Peek's injury) "Well, really it's actually not even related at all to what was wrong with him before. It's something different, and we'll get him in here early in the morning and see how that goes."

(on T Eric Winston's status for the game on Sunday) "He'll definitely be active. He's a swing tackle going into the game, and we made that decision during the bye that, I know it's a lot for him to handle, but for the future of the team, we've got to find out where he's at and how far he can come. But he is a swing tackle as we move on."

(on Winston learning both positions) "Yeah, that's difficult to know both sides, but we can also help him with that. We can make sure that if something did happen he would only be on the left. That's something we could dictate to, but we're not going to find out where he's at or how far he can come if we don't just basically throw him in the fire. He's worked well this week, and we'll see how he does."

(on creating a roster spot for activating Winston) "No, he's been active; he just hasn't been part of the 45."

(on LB Kailee Wong) "I would expect him to be about ready to go next week. All indications are that he's doing well and we have a 21-day grace period on what we can do. But just watching his rehab he's been fine."

(on whether Wong would play SLB) "Yeah, that's his spot."

(on CB Phillip Buchanon and WR Edell Shepherd continuing to return kicks) "Yeah, we'll stay the same. We've been working (CB Derrick) Johnson, (who) we picked up a few weeks ago at some kick returns. But no, Phillip and Shepherd will handle it."

(on Buchanon's performance since preseason) "We can do a better job for him. He's been nicked up; this probably is the longest period, since I've been here, that he's been okay. We're going in a couple of weeks now, two or three weeks where he's practiced every day and been on the field. I'm hoping that plays a factor and we find more production. He's had a lot of issues physically."

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