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Kubiak Friday quotes

Head coach Gary Kubiak spoke to the media Friday afternoon following practice.

Head coach Gary Kubiak

(on offensive line-up changes and C Drew Hodgdon) "Well, we'll go back and evaluate the few things that C Mike (Flanagan) did today. Like I said, if Mike thinks he can go he will play and we'll suit up eight offensive linemen. If he can't go, we'll probably go with seven and just knowing that Steve can back up Drew. Ephraim (Salamm) and Drew, or Mike (Flanagan) will be in there but Ephraim is definitely the big change. We will start Ron Dayne at running back, they're all going to continue to play as they progress. Samkon's (Gado) playing got a little bigger this week, but they're all going to play."

(on Antwan Peek being out) "I don't know. It doesn't look good today, but there's a lot of time between now and game time."

(on what Peek being out would change)"We're going to play eight guys one way or the other, but his status will be determined, probably will be last minute."

(on CB Phillip Buchanon)"I think you'll see Phillip on punt returns. I don't know if you'll see him on kick returns. You'll see Wali (Lundy) and (Edell) Shepherd both back there. Phillip shouldl handle the punts."

(on Buchanon at defense)"He will be our fourth corner going into the game."

(on Chester Pitts and Steve McKinney at guards)"Yes."

(on shot gunning more to aid QB David Carr)"Yeah, we could. But to be honest with you, in my evaluation I think he plays better under the center. That's just something, studying him, I feel like his rhythm is better, but there will be times when we'll definitely do it if we think it's advantageous for us as an offense. But I like the way he plays the game under center and I'm trying to correct some of those things and getting him smoothed out in those areas because when you do get in the gun, sometimes the game even speeds up faster for you so for him a lot of it is slowing him down."

(on timing for mistakes)"Those are the things you talk about. But teams learn to work under that kind of stuff. Everybody has adversity. Every game on any given weekend on this league, there's about five or six momentum changes in a game. You can't have one drastic one affect you the whole game. It has bothered us, this football team. It's something we've addressed, something we've talked about. We've got to be able to focus for four quarters. Not get too high, not get too low. We've got to be able to play the whole game."

(on a stretch to get the naked bootleg going) "Some people have played us a little differently to take that stuff away, but the boots and those type of things come with running the ball well. And we have not run the ball very well. So those two kind of go hand in hand."

(on the Redskins having no sprains)"Their defense is built around pressure and coverage-wise, they play the same coverages regardless of who is back there. That's why they are so good at what they do. I don't see that having an effect."

(on game planning around S Sean Taylor)"He plays a little bit of everywhere. He plays some free, he'll play some strong, he'll play up in the box, he'll play in the middle of the field. You know, he's a very active player, very physical. If you don't get a hat on him, he's very disruptive on the run game so you've got to be conscious where he's at. But they move him around, so it's hard to get a gage on him."

(on secondary's confidence level)"Well, when you've gone through what we have gone through in the last two weeks, I'm sure there's some doubt. That's human nature. Nobody feels good when you're not winning. People throwing the ball on you like they have, but that's one or two plays away from flipping it back the other way. I like the way they're practicing, they're practicing well. We've got to help them up front. They've got to do a better job back there. You know it's all tied together."

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