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Kubiak on 2006 schedule

* (on the 2006 schedule)*"Three out of our first four at home.  We open with, in my opinion, one of the top organizations in football with the way they do things.  I think Andy (Reid) is one of the top coaches in the game.  They have been a perennial NFC powerhouse.  Had a bunch of injuries last year but a great football team, very well coached.  It's a tremendous challenge for us from the start.  If you look at the schedule it's got a period from October 29 to December 10 where we play five out of six on the road.  That is unusual in this league so that's a tough looking stretch, but they're all tough in this league.  Everybody can play in this league and schedules are all tough.  You get eight at home and eight on the road and you just have to get ready to go.  It will be exciting to open up here on opening day."

(on the flexible scheduling) "I think it's good for the game.  I think it helps bring certain games to the forefront I think late in the year and I think that's a positive.  It could be tough on you as coaches because it makes you move your schedule around and be flexible but as long as their working with that type of a lee-way for us as coaches I think we'll be able to make it work.  I think the key is you want to be playing in some of those flexible games.  You want to be the team that is being brought into some of those flexible situations.  I think it's good for football."

(on the third preseason game in Denver) "That is exciting to go back there.  But one of the reasons I'm really looking forward to it is I know how Mike (Shanahan) plays that game.  His third preseason game he plays it like a regular season game so that will be a big challenge for us.  We'll do it the same way as a football team; we'll prepare for that particular football game the same way we would in the regular season.  That will be a great test for us.  They have a great football team coming back and I'm sure we'll be one of the big picks going into next year's season.  It will give us a good chance to see where we are at that point."

(on having any scrimmages during training camp) "No, we're going to stay here and work.  Work amongst ourselves and be ready to go.  I like our preseason schedule and the people we're playing.  Some real good challenges for us.  There will be a tough turn around playing Tampa four days after Denver.  We'll be trying to get our football team good and healthy and ready to open up on opening day.  I like our preseason but we're going to stay amongst ourselves and work amongst ourselves."

(on three road games in a row)"That's unusual in this league, but that is part of it.  For the same reason you get three out of four to open up the first month.  That is a stretch you're going to hit.  You have to be consistent in this league.  I've never looked at a schedule and said 'boy I like this one or I don't like that one'.  I think they're all tough.  That is what this league is all about.  It just tells you how consistent you have to be week in and week out to have a chance to win it."

(on not having any Sunday or Monday night game)"I think you have to earn that right in this league.  You get showcased in this league for those reasons.  We want to get this football team playing that well where we're getting opportunities to play on Monday Night Football and those type of things.  But you have to earn it and we're working on that every day.  We want to earn our keep and we hope to be in those games soon."

(on playing the Dallas Cowboys) "That is great for the state of Texas.  Growing up here I know that is always a big game.  I know this franchise opened with them years ago.  That will be exciting.  They have a fine, fine football team.  I know in Denver last year we had a tremendous game with them on Thanksgiving Day.  The Texans are playing really the schedule that the Broncos played last year for me because we played the NFC East and all these teams.  It's a little familiar to me actually because that was the schedule that we played last year; outside of the division a bunch of teams that we are familiar with."

(on playing Jacksonville twice in four weeks and Indianapolis once at the beginning and once at the end of the season) "You never know how those games are going to overlap, you really don't.  You don't have any control over that, you just have to be ready to play them."

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