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Kubiak press briefing

Denver Broncos offensive coordinator Gary Kubiak

(on the interview today) "I enjoyed it.  You get a chance to sit down and visit with some great people.  Dan [Reeves] being in the room being an old coach of mine and a very good friend, it's really been a great experience for me.  I've had an opportunity to do it a few times but I felt much more comfortable today.  They're very classy people and Bob's just super.  I've been very comfortable and felt good about it all day."

(on the difference between interviewing for the Texans head job today and when he did five years ago) "Just experience.  Having the ability to do my job for another five years in an environment that's second to none, with our organization here in Denver, that's first class.  Just having the ability to day-in-and-day-out become a better football coach.  At the same time, having the ability from an interview standpoint to understand the process a little better and be a little bit better prepared for the process.  I think time makes us all better."

(on the possibility of coming home to Houston) "You never know.  It's sure exciting to think about the possibility that it could happen.  I've been away for a long time.  I've been away from home for I think 20 years now – 20 out of the last 23.  Denver became my home over that period of time.  But I've got strong ties there, my family and friends.  And I have a tremendous passion for the Houston franchise, being from there.  So you never know.  We'll see."

(on the Texans having the number one overall pick in next year's draft) "They're going to get a great football player, there's no doubt about that.  Regardless of who that is.  I think the thing that's exciting to me is when you sit in a room with Bob [McNair].  As a head coach, all you can ask for is that you work for a man who's willing to do anything possible to help you be successful. And there's no doubt he's totally committed to doing that for that city.  That's exciting for me and just the opportunity to visit with him from that standpoint is very exciting."

(on the disadvantage of his team still being alive and this being the only weekend he can interview) "No, I don't feel that way.  As a matter of fact, I think it's a positive.  Our football team is still playing and hopefully we'll be playing for the next month here.  I couldn't ask for anything else.  I'm glad I'm not available to do it everyday to be honest with you.  I'm glad we're still playing and hopefully we'll be playing for a long time here."

(on Dan Reeves) "He's meant a great deal.  Of course he's the only pro coach that I played for.  I was around him for nine years and he taught me a lot of football and he taught me a lot about life.  He's a wonderful man, a good family man and a good Christian man.  You couldn't, as a player, ask to be around anybody better.  It was nice to spend some time with him today."

(on Reeves presence possibly helping his chances) "I don't know that.  They've got their job to do to pick their coach.  They know what they're looking for.  Regardless if Dan was here today or not, I had a job to do to convince them that I'm the best guy.  They're going to pick a great coach.  There are some great guys out there available who they've talked to already and I know they'll do the right thing.  Whether or not Dan being in there, how big of an influence that'll be, I don't know that.  But it's definitely fun for me from a football standpoint to be around a group of men that are so knowledgeable about the game."

(on being excited about the opportunity)  "I was very excited this morning.  I was really looking forward to it.  After my interview a few years back and having the ability to come back and do it again today, I couldn't ask for anything else.  I was very excited when I started and I'm still very excited now.  I don't know if we're done yet but it's been a great day and it's been a tremendous experience for me."

(on David Carr) "I think, first off, he's got tremendous ability.  We all know he's a great kid.  Those are two things that you can't ask for anything more.  But then you've got to go to work.  He'd be a joy to work with.  He's got some weapons around him to help make him better.  Through a lot of hard work, there's another level there for him to reach.  But you couldn't ask for a better kid to work with."

(on the current state of the Texans) "One thing about this business in this league is you can do everything right and there's still such a fine line between winning and losing week in and week out.  It's a very tough league.  The one thing that I knew the first time I talked to them and the one thing I was reassured today is that they're going to do everything right and that's all you can ask for.  You go out there, you do everything right, you work your tail off, you get some good ballplayers and some good people surrounding them and you go take your shot.  The Texans are in position to do that.  Bob's going to make sure that's the case all the time."

(on envisioning a two-win season for the Texans this year) "No.  When we left camp, we had a great three days against them.  We worked against them and knew that they were a very talented team.  This is a tough league, as I said.  If you start to get some nicks here and there, lose some guys and they play in a tremendously tough division with Indianapolis and Jacksonville.  And if it gets going the wrong way, it's hard to pull out of it, so to speak.  I think it could go in the right direction also."

(on his track record with quarterbacks) "The one thing we preach here in Denver is we preach a team concept.  If we've got to run it to win, we're going to run it; if we've got to throw it, we're going to throw it.  We get everybody involved.  We're a very unselfish football team.  We've got one Pro Bowl player on our side of the ball this year in Rod Smith.  To be as successful as we've been and move the ball the way we've moved it just says a lot about our players.  But you've got to be able to do it both ways.  This game's not about credit, it's about competing and trying to win a championship.  I'm very comfortable with that."

(on Mike Shanahan) "He's meant the world to me.  He gave me my chance and he's been with me the whole way.  He's been awesome through this process also in such a support element for me.  There haven't been many days I haven't been with Mike when it comes to getting ready to play a football game.  It won't be any different this next week.  He's been the best.  He's the best."

(on the possibility of coaching in Texas again) "Yeah, it is very exciting because I think there are some great things that are going to happen down there with the franchise.  I just get excited when I get a chance to sit around with the people who I know are in charge.  That's just a big boost.  And I know that Houston's going to have a winner and for them to want to talk to me, personally, about possibly giving me an opportunity to come down there and be a part of that is just very special."

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