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Houston Texans

Limited edition SWARM t-shirt inspired by Ryans, Texans attitude


One of the first things DeMeco Ryans was asked when he was announced as the new Texans head coach was how his team would play.

"What we're looking for... are players who are looking to SWARM," Ryans responded.

Now you can join the SWARM by nabbing a limited edition SWARM t-shirt, available only at the Texans Team Shop at Training Camp presented by Xfinity.

The SWARM t-shirt is one of four limited edition shirts that will be released at Training Camp this year. Cal and Hannah McNair gave away shirts to some of the fans in attendance today, and they will continue to hand out shirts each day a new one is released.

SWARM has more than one meaning for the 2023 Houston Texans. It means finishing every play with bodies around the ball, whether that's defenders piling on the ball carrier or offensive players working their blocks, engaging another defender, and working til the whistle blows.

It also means having a Special Work Ethic and Relentless Mindset in everything you do. From physical and mental preparation to reviewing the past week's game, the Texans want to be more aggressive, focused, and fearsome than everyone they face.

When C.J. Stroud was asked about his fellow 2023 first round draft pick Will Anderson Jr., he knew what made the Alabama edge rusher a perfect fit for H-Town.

"Like coach DeMeco Ryans says: He always say 'Swarm,'" Stroud said moments after becoming teammates with Anderson Jr.

"He's going to swarm to the ball. He's gonna put his ears back, he's gonna rush."

Offensive Coordinator Bobby Slowik is making sure his group knows SWARM isn't just a defensive mentality.

"When you get in a room by yourself and you turn on what we call the 'silent tape', you're going to feel a team that's very aggressive, that's fast, that's decisive," Slowik said. "There's not hesitation, everyone knows what we're doing, and we enjoy playing the game."

Houston enjoys the game of football more than almost any other place on the planet. And this city is ready to SWARM to support a team that fights as one and has fun doing it.

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