Lundy's conference call

**Running back Wali Lundy (University of Virginia--sixth round, 170th overall)

(on being selected by the Texans in the sixth round)**  "I'm definitely excited about joining the Texans.  It's a dream come true."

(on waiting to be picked and if he talked to many teams today) "I haven't talked to many teams, but I was just waiting on a call. It gets hard just waiting around, and you don't realize it until you are in that situation. I'm excited to go down there and help the team win."

(on importance of proving to the team he can back up Domanick Davis) "I think it is important to me to just go in there and prove myself and [prove] that I'm healthy, and I can go in and help this team win."

(on what he considers to be his biggest strengths) "I feel like I do everything well. I can catch the ball well, and I can run inside. I can get outside on the corner, and a lot of people don't realize it. I feel like I do everything well, and that is what I am going to add to the team."

(on if he knows a lot about the Texans and the city of Houston) "I don't know a lot, but I plan to find out about it. I have never been to Houston. It will be the first time I go down there."

(on who has helped him the most throughout his career as a running back) "There isn't just one person. I had a lot of people that inspired me and a lot of coaches that helped me out as far as preparing me to play at the next level. I think it is a combination of coaches that have helped me become the player that I am."

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