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Mathis quotes

(on how he would describe his game) "I love to compete. That's what keeps me going."

(on being described as a track guy and not a football guy) "I don't really take offense. I just turn it into a positive. Everyone has their thoughts about me, but I can't control those things. That's outside of my circle."

(on what his best 200 meter time was) "I ran it in 20.36 seconds."

(on his injury at the Olympic trials) "I had a hamstring (injury), a slight strain."

(on what he feels his role with the Texans will be) "Well, as far as that, I really don't know. I just know I was brought in to help that team out the best way I can, and that's what I'm going to do."

(on his level of familiarity with the Houston Texans) "As far as knowing anything about it, I know you have a very young team. When you have a very young team that says a whole lot because there is always room for improvement. As the years go on you can only get better. I know in time we will start winning more and more."

(on the draft process, especially from the perspective of a Division II college player) "As far as the process, I have had my ups and my downs. All of that is behind me. I just take everything and turn it into a positive. Whenever my number was called I responded and did things I was asked to do. At the Gridiron Classic I went down there and did what I had to do. They asked me to score; I scored. I went to the combine. I went in saying I was going to be the fastest, and I walked out the fastest."

(on his large number of 40 yard receptions at Hampton University)  "Our offense was pretty much balanced.  Our offensive coordinator, Fred Kaiss, did what he could to get me the ball when he could.  Some of my routes were three or four yard routes, and I would turn them into big gains; some of then were 15 yard routes (that) I would turn into big gains; and others were just long balls that I ran away with."

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