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Molden conference call with Houston media


Cornerback Antwaun Molden was coached in high school by Ted Ginn Sr.

After the Texans selected Antwaun Molden with the 79th overall pick, the cornerback from Eastern Kentucky talked to the media. Here is a transcript of the conference call.

CB Antwaun Molden

(on his reaction to the phone call from the Texans) "Well, I was excited because it's a once in a lifetime opportunity for these things, and I'm ready to come in and work."

{QUOTE}(on if he thought he was going to get drafted by the Texans) "At this point, I had no idea."

(on where he watched the draft) "I'm watching it with my family and I'm here with my high school coach and a couple of friends."

(on family's reaction) "They were happy, they were ecstatic. We were all glad and I'm just happy to be a Texan."

(on transferring to Eastern Kentucky from Toledo) "I didn't qualify coming out of high school and I wasn't on scholarship at Toledo, so in turn, I didn't have the aid. I had to transfer down to play in a Division 1-AA school to continue my football career."

(on why he picked Eastern Kentucky) "I picked Eastern because I had a high school coach and that's his alma mater. He played there with a couple of coaches that still coach there. It was a last-minute decision when I took it."

(on how his high school coach Ted Ginn Sr. helped his career) "He influenced a lot. He has a great foundation and a great infrastructure on how he runs his program and his athletes. I've learned a lot from the guy. He has taught me how to be a young man as well."

(on how his speed helps on the football field) "Most definitely, all my explosion, lateral movements and endurance, it helped me very well."

(on who showed the most interest in him) "At the combine, it was just competing against the best athletes. I was very fortunate to put up those results."

(on what round did he think he would be picked in) "Anywhere from late day one to early day two, but I had no idea. This is my first time going through the process and I didn't know what to expect."

(on what he knows about the Texans) "I know the Texans are a great organization. It's a young team; it's on the rise. They started the franchise six years ago. I am looking forward to it. I know Houston is a great city. I've never been to Houston, but just from hearing about it, I know Houston is a great city."

(on if he looked at what teams needed cornerbacks) "Not really, because I knew it would stress me out. I let my agent do that and he filled out all that information."

(on his strengths) "I feel like I am the complete package. Going through my review, I have a lot to learn about the league. It's fast, so I will have to adapt to the speed, the NFL speed. At the point of going into the draft, I feel like I am one of the elite, complete package of playing cover two or man to man. My height, my speed, my agility. I feel like I have an advantage."

(on if playing at a 1-AA school hurt his draft stock?) "As far as the exposure part, yes."

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